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Free The Girls Comes to Miami

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

For International Women's Day this year, let's do something different together. On Friday, March 8 at X Miami Apartments, spend your evening with Free The Girls by bringing lightly used bras to help repair the lives of girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking.

That's right, bring a bra you plan on throwing out to Friday's event and you could literally save lives.

Free The Girls is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping survivors of human trafficking by providing them bras the women could sell. This way, they can not only be emotionally helped, but also economically. Started in 2011, Free the Girls has collected over 600,000 new and gently used bras from women all over the world, and have recently launched an additional program in Costa Rica.

Now, the program has made its way to Miami thanks to Jessica Gopiao, a young lawyer who is working with the Young Lawyer Section for the Dade County Bar to host a Zumbra Bra + Bucks Drive. Their goal is to raise awareness about the cause and gather bras to send to the organization who will forward them to survivors in El Salvador, Mozambique, and Costa Rica. Additionally, the event plans to raise $1,000 to further help Free The Girls.

Gopiao first got involved after cleaning out her closet and trying to find a "creative way" to donate her clothes. In her search, she found Free The Girls.

"Thinking that I get to help these survivors gets me really excited," Gopiao said. "I know so many women who have bras just sitting in their closet, why not help provide a solution for other people."

She first helped raise $200 in three days and was astounded. Now, she's getting together as many bras as possible to continue her aid.

Friday's event will have a one hour Zumba event led by Katey Maddux and a raffle shortly after. Bringing one bra guarantees 10 raffle tickets, $5 donation is two raffle tickets, $10 is 10 raffle tickets, and $20 is 30 raffle tickets. Below are some of the prizes being given out:

  • An X-Steam, a lightweight, portable travel steamer

  • A $100 Lululemon gift card

  • A bundle of It Works! items like Keto Coffee

  • Other workout products such as pre-workout and protein powder

  • Yoga mat, yoga mat disinfectant, and Invisi-bobble, the traceless hair ring

  • A personal training session with Alysa Baroch

There will also be free snacks and samples of different products. Doors open at 6:30 PM, the Zumba session is at 7 PM and the raffle is at 8 PM. The event will be held on the rooftop at the X Miami building, located across from Bayside.

For more information, contact Jessica Gopiao at or @namastewithfitness.

230 NE 4th St, Miami, FL 33132

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