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The A to Z List

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

You can go through the rabbit hole of my Instagram or just check out this list. I'll be updating it month, depends on how busy I get. Everything is ordered by area in Miami, leaving some miscellaneous places at the end (i.e. Miami Heat games, hotels). Enjoy!


The Wharf: Love/hate relationship about this place. However, the vibe is nice without so many people and the music has, in fact, gotten better (as in, more dance-able). Happy Hour: $1 beer and $3 wine from 4-7 on weekdays. $25 Rosé on Saturdays, Beat The Clock Specials on Thursday.

Pilo's Street Tacos: Amazing story behind the people who work there, even better tacos. The margaritas are pretty good and their outdoor seating is nice and breezy. Go for Taco Tuesday for the El Carnal, Pollo Adobado, El Rey, El Guero, and La Pilo tacos for just $5 per order! Get the churros as well. They've also got a location in Miami Beach & now Wynwood.

Blackbird Ordinary: Good for college times and a late late-night. Music always feels the same. I've heard the daytime happy hour is good. Lately, with Covid, they've been doing pretty well in terms of spreading everyone out, which is wild to say for a club. The neon sign outside needs some love though.

Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita: CUTE ASS PLACE! Date night quality for sure. Get the croquetas, they melt in your mouth. They change their specials from time to time, they used to have Chicken Parm for $9.95 on Mondays for lunch. Their Instagram is on a Paella kick.

Area 31: I haven't been back in two years and word on the street is that they ended their Beat The Clock specials. Remember getting a $5 drink at a super expensive hotel with the prettiest view in all of Miami? Sigh. The music was always very chill electric house. Beautiful views. If someone's gone lately, let me know how it is!

Tu Candela: Always good for a night out, sometimes there is a cover charge. TBH it's pretty easy to sneak people in (transferring your hand stamp to someone else's hand). But you didn't hear it from me. Someone is always smoking hookah inside and it's pretty easy to get into VIP. Not a fan of the midgets they sometimes use to pass out shots though :/

Baru: Tuca's downstairs neighbor. Not as VIP'y but still good.

Cantina La Veinte: Never gone for food, only the drinks. And by that, I mean ladies' night on Wednesdays = free margaritas. Great music if that's what you're going for, and it gets packed. But a good type of packed, just stay by the fan to get that air and you're not dying of heat.

SoCal Cantina: They need a larger venue because it's so small and yet so good! Great Taco Tuesday deals: $3 tacos, $4 beers, $5 shots, $6 margaritas. I usually order the fish taco + a Pacifico. The last time I went, the bartender was really cute so please flirt with him on my behalf.

American Social: We don't like that it's an FSU bar but we do like the food + drinks. HOWEVER, I am still upset that they changed the Mac & Cheese. Young crowd with great brunch (or so I've heard, I've only gone for food + drinks.)

Batch Gastropub: The brunch here isn't wild in a music-sense but the drinks are delicious and so is the food, like their Country Eggs Benedict! I went for Valentine's Day 2021 and our server was ON IT in terms of bringing us our sangrias, which have an extra shot of rum in them. Safe to say, we got our money's worth. Every Friday, they have ladies night starting at 10 PM.

Sushiato: I haven't been in a while but I remember the lunch specials being super affordable. Their Instagram lately has been very colorful.

Piola: Unlimited gnocchi on the 29th of each month. You're welcome. Plus, take some stuff home too from their market.

SLS Lux: Beautiful rooftop views and like $6 happy hour drinks. Definitely great to start out a Friday night!

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ: THE EXPERIENCE!! THE FOOD!! THE DRINKS!! 10/10. Bring friends or a date here, get ready to cook and eat, and don't wear anything with flowy sleeves ladies. I LOVE THIS PLACE. I keep going back.

Balan's Brickell: THE SHRIMP TEMPURA. IS. EVERYTHING. Also, they have happy hour from 4-7 every day.


Blue (formerly Red): This is a hole-in-the-wall spot that has the best churrasco I've ever had. It used to be $7.99 for churrasco, rice, fries, and a salad but as time has passed, it's now $11.99. Everything there is delicious, but it's not fancy at all. Good for a quick lunch, free delivery if you live in the area. 13911 SW 42nd St Suite 115, Miami, FL 33175; 305-220-2207.

Los Verdes: THE ultimate after-partying spot. Get ready to eat your weight in arepa and pink sauce and soak up all the alcohol you just downed. Someone once saw Karol G and Anuel AA there (not that we care about him anyway). I sometimes wonder how this place makes their money during the day if it's only a nightspot.

Finka Table & Tap: I think I need to make myself the president of the Finka Fan Club because I go here too often. Too often that I have put myself a mini restraining order for the time being LOL I prefer to sit at the bar and talk to the bartenders while this one in particular flirts with everyone. Get to know them and you'll probably get free shots. Great place for a date (and the people who work here also know when you've brought too many first-dates). Classics: Mac & Cheese, Arroz Con Pollo Fritters, Grilled Octopus, Cuban Fried Rice. Try the Yuca & Goat Cheese Fritters and Braised Oxtail Pizza. You can also get Islas Canarias Croquetas here since they're owned by the same family. Their drink menu is ever-changing but if you really want something from the past, they'll revive it just for you.

Marakas Pizza: Probably the best Cuban pizza I've had! Try the Spanish Chorizo and Pepperoni Pizza.

Amelia's 1931: Sister to Finka Table & Tap, this is a much cozier spot with food that's just as good. Try the Havana Nachos. One day they'll bring back Music Monday and hopefully it's soon. They just bought the place next door so innovations are already in the works and I can't wait until it's back!

Islas Canarias: THE GOAT. Best croquetas and pastelitos around. They've got a spot on Bird and 137 and the OG one on Coral Way. Take your pick!

The Roads (Brickell/Coral Way)

Perricones: I haven't been to the new location but if the food is anything like when it used to be in Brickell, top 5 pasta ever. Get the Fiocchetti; delicious. The Baked Brie, TO DIE FOR. I don't think they've brought back Pasta Thursdays, RIP.

Tutto Pizza: I really love going to a restaurant and being like "I'm definitely coming back" Try their Al Catupiry and Calabresa pizzas with their Pave as dessert. DIOS MIO.

Bocas Grill: $14.99 bottomless mimosas. Great to go on a date by yourself at the bar. Everything was A1, I've already gone back a few times.

Coconut Grove

Monty's: Ah, a classic. Not what it used to be back in college but overall, the seafood is always good. Get the brick of fries to get nostalgic. A PK3 if you hate yourself. Ask for a Mongolian Motherfucker and you know it's made right if you can't taste the alcohol. Happy hour is from 4-8 PM. Different from the one in Miami Beach, which arguably has the better music. 2550 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133; (305) 856-3992

Fireman Derek's: Top 5 dessert places around Miami. One slice is more than enough for dessert and you might even have some as leftovers for the next day. The murals inside are cute as hell and worth every calorie.

Mister 01: This is a delicious spot for pizza. They have both indoor and outdoor seating but the outdoor one is nicer due to the Grove's renovations. I ordered the Star Beckham pizza and enjoyed every second of it (even though it wasn't that good as leftovers). A bit on the pricier side but celebrities come here too, if that makes you feel better.

Sandbar: If you're from Miami or went to UM, you already know that THIS is the spot. They renovated everything inside and it looks like a nicer bar now. Not sure if I miss the rinky dink feel from before, but they got a massive TV upgrade! Enjoy 3 for $12 tacos + a free side on any day except Tuesday.

Coral Gables

Pura Vida: I went to the one at UM and it's so dang pretty, you forget you're on campus. Expensive though, but good if you want to study and stay away from campus.

Tap 42: A classic. Free champagne for ladies on Thursdays. Brunch here turns into a ratchet time but we love it. STORY TIME: Went here once with my friend Adrian for St. Patrick's Day brunch, however, we got there about an hour before brunch ended. We told our waitress that we'd order the bottomless if she made sure to keep them coming. She started bringing us whole champagne bottles and was like HURRY HURRY HURRY!!! So needless to say, we were drunk within 20 minutes of being there. I've literally never had a bad time here. They've got happy hour from 4-7 and again from 10-close. Get the Truffle Guac (thank you Rachel Russell for the rec), Crispy Asian Calamari Tower, Avocado Turkey Burger Wrap and the Spinach & Artichoke Dip. There are also half-off burgers on Mondays. *Update: went for brunch and it wasn't as ratchet as it used to be but the breakfast shots are a MOOOOD

The Bar: This place never gets old. Probably the only place in Miami that successfully plays a bit of everything music-wise. Great list of beers and has surprisingly great lunch specials. Ladies drink free on Fridays from 5-7:30 PM.

Bulla: Great for happy hour if you're trying to find a divorcee and a sugar daddy (which is why I go every Friday, duhhhhh). The brunch is also delicious but more on the food-side than the drinks side. Lately, their sangrias aren't getting me buzzed but I still go back for the Avocado Toast, Huevos Bulla, Churros, Tortilla, and Croquetas. Also, best char-coochie board around.

P. Pole Pizza: I came for the first time when they were giving out free pizza for a year and really haven't stopped coming. I've tried the whole menu and their BBQ Chicken is my favorite one.

Kao Sushi And Grill: Pretty good happy hour specials and good sushi. You can also order the Chef Selection of Sushi, select spicy or sweet, and be surprised by the sushi that comes out. Get the Salmon roll and you won't regret it. Happy hour is from 4-7 pm, 2x1 on selected drinks & $10 sushi rolls.

Crema Gourmet: A favorite spot for breakfast, coffee, and sandwiches. They also have $9 pasta on Thursdays and even the wine happy hour is worth it. Their smoothies are also colorful and perfect. They've got spots also in Brickell City Centre, Downtown, The Faena in Miami Beach, and in Miami Beach on Washington.

Hillstone: It's fine but we can agree that it's a little overrated, right? Good to meet older men though and fellow divorcees who all go to Copper 29 after. I said what I said :)

Copper 29 Bar: Okay this place is great for random Wednesday blackouts and brunch shenanigans. Gregoris the bartender is the best. Ask for shots and they always do the best mixed shots that you might want to keep asking for more. For brunch, they are good about making sure your mimosas are never empty. It gets wild but I love it. Ladies' night on Thursdays with free champagne starting at 8 PM. Also, their mac and cheese SLAPS.

Mamey: Good for drinks and the dishes that were outstanding: Ghee Roasted Plantains and Coconut Shrimp. *Went again to the rooftop place and it was kind of whack! The servers are all dressed the same, I wish they included more of the Mamey color in their designs/aesthetic, and you've got kids running around, people half naked from the pool, others in sweats because they live in the building, and others dressed nice to go enjoy drinking.

Morelia's Gourmet Paletas: Beautiful, colorful, want to take my godkids here. Sign up for the texting list, they always send out discounts.

Calle 23: Packed on Friday nights but the drinks are not only well-made but also well-presented. Not sure how they fried a boiled egg, but they did THAT. Super cute atmosphere, they have live music on the weekends. It's always lively and the waitresses have become my best friends whenever I go! Now on Tuesdays, they have karaoke - pair it with their all-day happy hour as well!

Bay 13 Brewery & Kitchen: I like the kitchen part more than the brewery. Got a flight of beers and they all tasted the same. You can never go wrong with the fish n' chips and try the dessert with vanilla, white chocolate custard and blueberries!

Luca Osteria: Few places really shut me up with how good the food is like Luca did. Holy sh*t. Get the Patate Fritte for one of the best appetizers I've ever had. I really liked their lemon and Cacio E Pepe pastas! We love Trevor the server, he was great about recommending stuff! Call ahead to get a reservation though and get dressed up for a great night of DELICIOUS food.

La Taberna Giralda: My friend and I stumbled into this place and we absolutely loved it! Felt like I was back in Spain. On Thursdays & Saturdays at 8 PM they have live Flamenco music and they even teach you some moves. Definitely would go back!

Ichimi Ramen: I wish I could relive trying Ichimi again for the first time. Well-priced and large portions of food. Really enjoyed the Takoyaki Balls (think of it as round croquetas with octopus inside). The Chicken Fried Rice is big enough to share with two people.

Books & Books: Think of it as an upscale Starbucks with alcohol and books. The food menu changes every now and then, but it's more sandwiches and lighter food. They've got 50% off bottles of wine on Wednesdays!

Bugatti Bistro: I went for Miami Spice for a Mom-And-Daughter-Date so, while I can't speak for the regular menu, I really enjoyed what they had available. For the appetizer, Caprese. For the entree, Lobster Ravioli San Marco (to die for). For the dessert, Crostata Di Ricotta (eh).

Salumeria 101: I might have to give this a second try because the first time... wasn't it? The pasta was eh, dessert was eh, and the charcuterie board was eh. Like I could make better pasta at home? Not sure, everyone says it's worth it. They have $10 pasta on Monday, maybe I'll go again.

Laki Bowls: Great for a quick lunch, everything feels tropical. I enjoyed the Salmon Nori Tacos and both the Fortune and Laki Bowls.


La Juguera: Good for pastelitos, pan con lechon, and batidos on the go. Cheap, to the point. Get it at la ventanita or crowded inside. Classic Cuban, can't go wrong.

La Carreta: Iconic. Legendary. Classic. Staple. Nothing like their Pan con Bistec and automatic celebration spot for things like a Miami Heat Championship and Fidel Castro dying. My friend Adrian and I would go every Saturday morning before football games for their dirt-cheap breakfast. It's not tailgate season and I miss the squad of viejitos who would go at the same time as us to talk allll the shit in the world.

Mojo Donuts: The best donut place in Miami - and that's a hill I'm willing to die on. They're also at The Wharf and on US1. They're expanding into the Pinecrest area. I wish them all the best in the entire world.

El Riconcito Latino: Dirt cheap Cuban food, best for breakfast. Fries, eggs, and ham. The best.

Bru's Room: Pretty good wings, get the World-Famous Triple Threat wings. Very chill, good to see sports but their onion rings can be better.

Latin Restaurant: Right on Flagler and 107, they've got discounts if you show your FIU student ID. The Pollo Empanizado, rice, and beans are always good. Might even be better for leftovers, you tell me.

Taste of Brazil: Another hole-in-the-wall for authentic Brazilian food. Blink and you'll miss it, but it's reasonably priced and the owner is a Brazilian lady, who we love!

La Mesa: A little Cubaton y Mas here in Westchester. Good lunch specials and also good for entertainment! They do charge a cover to go with a show though. Very photogenic neon signs and bathroom murals so you can have photos for days.

Odaly's Delight Cafe: Fast-casual food, you know what you're getting. Go-to for these kinds of Cuba spots is always Pan con Bistec.

Frank's Fresh: Best smoothies I've ever had. Pro-tip: call in ahead and make your order because the line gets a little long.

Shorty's BBQ: Pretty good barbecue, can't go wrong.

Sushi KO: Okay this isn't Westchester but what else do you call that area on Bird Road by Tropical Park? Anyway, service here was 10/10 and so was the food. We got a little booth, which was more intimate. Appetizer: Gyoza. Sushi Roll: Big Mac Dragon. Dessert: Thai Donuts. Would definitely go back (& I enjoyed the company, which helped).


Divieto Restaurant: I've only been here twice. Back in 2018, I did the cheese wheel spectacle for my Mom's birthday and the cheese was really really bad. Ordered the Bianca pizza and it was beyond greasy, the oil was literally dripping off. I went again in Nov. 2020 for Fioccheti and it was delicious. So I'm 1-1 here.

Tripping Animals: Great great great! We love the owners, very cool vibe and the beer is delicious. Notice how all the animals have the same *trippy* eyes :)

The Cheese Course: For all cheese lovers. Great as a lunch date or catch-up. The portions are great and won't leave you feeling disgusting. I am told that they have a fire tuna melt by my friend Adrian.

Cooper's Hawk: For the wine lover. Great for a first or second date to have wine at the bar and either stick around for good food or walk around elsewhere in Doral City Center. I can't ever get enough of the food and the wine. I once asked the bartender to surprise me and he gave me a sweet chilled red, so now I don't order anything else.

Copper Blues: Okay let's be honest... this brunch is for someone who wants to absolutely die, lmfao. Whoever cleans the bathrooms on Sundays needs to be paid exactly 1 million dollars; go to the bathroom before 3 pm or else there will be stalls full of puke. Better if you get a table outside where you can still dance with your friends but won't be surrounded by people who may or may not be about to pass out. The food is good though! And whenever Thunderstruck by ACDC plays, the servers go around with a bottle of mixed shots to pour into your mouth - a thing that might not happen anymore post-Covid.

Champions Florida: Food is eh but they have a big soccer field to practice.

Cream: An upgraded version of the ice cream truck chocolate chip sandwich!

Pisco y Nazca Ceviche: Both the one in Doral and in Town and Country are always popping! Delicious Peruvian food, very similar vibe to Bulla but a younger crowd. Their 4-7 PM happy hour is worth it and everything on the menu is *chefs kiss*. Go here to try dishes you might not normally have, also great for a date night (either first time or full-blown relationship).

Doral Steakhouse (formerly La Fontana Steakhouse): This brunch really is for the food, don't go if you're trying to get wasted or party. Take your parents or to impress on a date. They've got a brunch buffet with just about everything you might want at 11 AM, and it's all WORTH IT.

La Fontana Ristorante: Their weekday breakfast menu is perfect for a date, a client, or just treating Mom to it. Get the Eggs Benedict Poached with Hollandaise Sauce and the cheese platter. Just what you need at 11 AM :) They also have killer lunch specials.

Francisca Restaurant: Go-to lunch spot in Doral. I'm still not sure how they make their chicken so good. Must be a bit of crack or something, idk. (I'm kidding btw)

Heaven Mykonos: This place is the definition of Clout™. Food was pricier than it should have been, but it was still good. They could've gone harder on the Greek-ness but they do have a powerpoint of Mykonos pictures. I got the Flatbread with Compressed Pear, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, and Truffles. Actually delicious!


El Patio: I don't care that it's ratchet, this is usually my favorite place to visit after brunch on a Sunday or on Saturday for day drinking; the Saturday day drinking vibe has the same good music as the nighttime with daylight, a lot fewer people, and happy hour. I've heard that you need to purchase a bottle now to get in because of Covid but some of my favorite memories are from here. Get the $5 hot dogs and $5 buckets of beer. Happy hour until 9 PM.

Wynwood Diner: Granted, I have not come back here in two years. So I might have to rely on someone else's rec for this one. I did order the Croque Madam for brunch one time and it was, quite delicious.

Coyo Taco: Okay their Gables & Brickell locations taste amazing but the Wynwood one is only good for late-night food and partying in their back area. I personally think it's a little overpriced but after a few drinks, you won't notice.

Ooh Raw: TBH I went for the pineapple bowl and for the photo, it was worth it. Kind of price-y but we do love how sustainable they are as a restaurant.

Shots: Another spot that is OBVIOUSLY ratchet - it's where I saw my first public fight! Two girls threw their glasses on each other and I got sprinkled from their drinks. The music can be good sometimes and you can't go wrong with their specialty shots. But you also might get your phone stolen there, you know? Love that for us.

The Taco Stand: Not an actual taco stand, but my favorite place to get tacos! My goodness. The line is always out the door and for good reason. I love love love the Baja Tacos, Carne Asada Fries, Carne Asada Tacos and Churros. Pay attention to the details around, it's a pretty funny spot.

Gramps: A staple in Wynwood that also has good pizza + garlic knots. They've got a backroom with live music sometimes and it's home to Miracle in Miami.

Wood Tavern: They used to have free tacos and $5 margaritas on Tuesdays but now during Covid, they're only open Wed-Sun.

Laid Fresh: Perfect for the breakfast-for-dinner kind of person. Their food really is delicious (my mouth is watering thinking of it) and they've got mimosas in mugs to keep going with the vibe. It's a great place to catch up with friends or try something new for a third or fourth date.

Bachour: I've been wanting to go for lunch but their desserts really are a work of art. I don't care how expensive they are, they are worth every penny. Get one of these if you're trying to impress your future mother-in-law, a client, or someone else whose ass you want to kiss.

Astra: Expensive for no reason, the food is not good. Only come for drinks, which are still pricey but at least they're good.

Mayami: OKAY!!! This place really surprised me! I went here first for brunch and it wasn't as expensive as I thought. With a few appetizers, an entree, and a GALLON of delicious sangria, under $50. The music was great and they have a few entertainers dancing around. I also came back at nighttime and while there is cover, you get "bucks" to spend inside. Music was also A1. Will be going back soon. PRO-TIP: Go to the second "floor" for a cute, very green photo.

Veza Sur: A favorite in the brewery world in Miami. Go for the hispanic music, stay for the beer. I ordered the Chancleta, which will get you messed up after a few of them.

Dogfish Brewery: They might've replaced Concrete Beach Brewery but no worries! It's super local-friendly and they still serve Concrete Beer. Just opened up May 2021.

Miami Beach

Basement: Ah Basement. I feel old just thinking about a night there. Only good on nights where you know a DJ is going to play the kind of music that you like so do your research. Anyway, it's got a really fun vibe with the ice skating and bowling! Go with a group of friends or people down for whatever.

David's Cafe Cafecito: Imagine La Carreta but on the Beach, Cuban, and gayer. All the rainbow flags, always packed! Good breakfast food, perfect for right before heading to the water. Pretty cheap.

Bodega Taqueria & Tequila: TBH I've never had the tacos here. However, this place isn't what it used to be (also now makes me feel like an old woman saying that). The line used to be so long, you'd have to get there by like 8:30 or 9 PM if you didn't want to wait 3 hours. You'd be greeted by the port-a-potty door with a shot of tequila and while the drinks were uber-expensive inside, the music was always good. Went before Covid and it was kind of weird? Let me know your thoughts. Quality neon sign though.

Sweet Liberty: Spectacular drinks and happy hour. They've got a Fruit Cock Tail Drag Show hosted by Karla Croqueta every Sunday at 12:30 & 3:30 PM, which you have to RSVP for. Happy hour from 4-8 PM every single day.

Henrosa Hotel: This cute little hotel is great for a weekend getaway. It's very small and absolutely adorable. Close to everything and reasonably priced.

Huahua's Taqueria: Not the move. Don't get the margaritas. Next.

La Ventana Restaurant: We love this spot!!! It's a cute and quaint Colombian restaurant with quality food and atmosphere. You feel like you're transported to your grandma's house, in the best way possible. The empanadas are delicious and so is the fried fish, and the Fried Calamari. Drinks? Mojitos, of course.

The Chicken Spot: Abuela-approved. $5 on the whole menu from 5-7 PM. They're also at The Wharf!

The Deck at Island Gardens: Overpriced, the tiramisu is worth it and so is the view. Make someone else pay for your dinner here tbh

Caffe Di Mauro: Drinks are not good but they are cheap for Miami Beach. Even have the happy hour specials on the weekends.


Pizzette: This place is still on my mind as arguably one of the best hole-in-the-walls in Miami Beach. The Cantaloupe with Prosciutto was delicious and our waiter had all the wine knowledge for us. Great for a day thing or a cozy night with your boo. The restaurant is pretty small btw.

Norman's Tavern: Mostly a tourist spot but I will admit, they make a MEAN burger. The drinks are pretty good too, might I add.

Carbone: If you can manage to get a reservation, enjoy the Spicy Rigatone. This place screams old school New-Yorker Italian with the suits everyone is wearing to the decor. Great for a birthday or a celebration if you're willing to drop that ca$h.

Temakase: The perfect spot for something intimate and expensive. It is literally just a bar with like 8 bar stools and a chef making everyone's rolls. Located inside the Sagamore Hotel, it's definitely something mvery cool that you normally wouldn't do in Miami. (Did I mention they're from New York too?)

Collins Pizza: Go for a slice or a pie after going to the beach (real ones know to go more north than South Beach!), even Dave Portnoy came here to try it - and lived to tell the tale.

South Miami

Tacocraft Taqueria & Tequila Bar: $3 tacos on Tuesdays and good brunch on Sunday. I haven't been to their brunch in a while but they've got $15 bottomless mimosas and a killer hangover burrito.

Casa Vinyasa: This yoga place is not only cute af but fantastic when it comes to hot yoga. I left there feeling like I lost 10 pounds in sweat.

Cecile Bakery + Cafe: Cutest little coffee spot by Sunset Place. It's the epitome of relaxation.

Tea & Poets: I'm awarding this spot the only place that can make Sunset Place thrive. It has such a warm and inviting ambiance. One time I was sitting doing work, drinking my tea, and some dude wouldn't stop asking me if I thought he was a good singer after singing "My Way" by Frank Sinatra. An employee noticed I was in a bit of a pickle and came and got him to leave (super subtly though, it wasn't awkward). Tea & Poets is fantastic about working with local bands and artists to feature them. We love them.

Yumbrella: This was actually the last place I went to before the pandemic started! They've got live music and various kinds of food vendors.

Whip N' Dip: The ice cream is *chefs kiss*, especially their soft serve. Plus, it's a Miami staple. I think their employees are even better than their product. They're so dang nice I just want to hug them all.

Power Pizza: Who knew a pizza place could make such good wings? They don't even need sauce on it, that's how good they bake them.

Sports Grill: Another OG. Say less. Special Grilled Wings. 7 locations - my favorite is on Bird Road & the one by Sunset Place. Also, a sucker for their BBQ wings.

My Ceviche: Pretty good tacos and burritos, they now have them with churrasco. Wish it had more meat though.

Madruga Bakery: During COVID times there's no seating indoor or outdoor, so take-out is the only option. Line gets packed, order ahead of time. Their best seller is the bread. I tried their egg sandwich, it was okay.

Little Havana

Cubaocho Museum: Besides a museum, they've got incredible Cuban live music. Imagine dancing salsa under a ceiling filled with frame art. Not to mention, the people playing the instruments are characters in and of themselves. Great to start the night and decide to probably stay there.

Edukos: THE BEST VEGAN PLACE! I am not a vegan but this food SMACKS!!! They change the menu all the time, love the owner and they are so good to the community. Go support. There's also free parking.

Ball And Chain: Probably the only place I'll consider good for tourists and locals. They teach you salsa and also have live salsa on the weekends in the pineapple stage and a DJ inside. Sometimes the DJ inside is a bit too Cubaton-y-mas for my taste, but overall always a good time if you're planning on dancing the night away (or trying to).

Cafe La Trova: A little overpriced - $10 for 4 tiny croquetas is a bit absurd. Music is fine, I've only gone once.

Los Altos Miami: You know, Miami does not know how to keep a secret. This is supposed to be a speakeasy!!! LOL Went for my 24th birthday and it was a pretty great night but I went on a random Saturday and it had random music that wasn't that that fun. So, mixed feelings.

Ella's Oyster Bar: It was my first time trying oysters with Taylor's Ultimate Sauce and it was pretty good! The waiters were nice enough to explain how to eat the oysters and I didn't completely hate it. Great for trying new things and maybe even date night if you're willing to get a little messy.

Taqueria El Santo: Arguably one of the best burritos I've had? Service isn't great but I love the decorations of the place and the food makes up for it. They've got $3 tacos on Tuesdays and $4 happy hour (even if their website won't say on what).

Versailles: Another GOAT spot that I don't even care that there's a bunch of tourists. Love that you can only speak Spanish to the waiters and eavesdrop on the chisme of las viejas.

Azucar: You've gotta go at least once and if you don't yell out "Azucar", Celia Cruz style, you're doing it wrong.

Key Biscayne

The Wet Lab: A University of Miami classic and also has some of the best views ever. You can find it at the RSMAS campus at UM on Key Biscayne. sYou pass a few classrooms to get there. There's only beer, really cheap. Food is good too. Not sure about now, but they used to have live music on Fridays.

The Rusty Pelican: The typical brunch if you're celebrating something, ballin' out, or showing the out-of-towners one of the prettiest views around. The food was pretty good and their diverse choices of mimosas was interesting (in a good way!). I ordered the Egg & Bacon Sandwich, which was enough to take home and have for dinner too.

Miami Design District

Lagniappe House: Can I even call this place in the Design District? We're running with it. The only place in Miami that can make mismatched furniture trendy. Grab a bottle of wine and a charcuterie board, get ready to hang out. Great for a first or second date, but make him (or her) drive so you can drink and not drive.


Bar Louie: Eh? The food is good but when I went, it was a very chill gastropub vibe. They have $5 burgers on Tuesdays.

Morgan's: The lunch specials are pretty good! This place has a sweet memory in my mind; my friend's then-boyfriend-now-husband asked me to distract her while he asked her parents for her hand in marriage. We're out here having sandwiches at Morgans and Dan's making moves to change Sophie's life. :)

Pummarola Midtown: The concept was born out of an Italian grandmother's love for pizza and red Fiats, which you can find at every single Pummarola! Delicious, oven-baked pizza, delicious bruschetta, and classic pasta. Top it off with Nutella pizza!

Sakaya Kitchen: Guy Fieri came here once and I ordered what he had. The Korean Fried Chicken was okay.

Little Hen: Go once to say you did and bring your daughter or little cousin for a tea party. Overpriced and was left hungry. Cute aesthetic though.

Downtown Miami

601: If you have a ticket to the Miami Heat game, go like 30 minutes earlier so you can enter this bar lounge! It's on the right side of the arena if you're looking at it from the road and all you have to do is show your ticket. This would be great as like a 4th or 5th date so you're showing him/her something they might not know AND you get to enjoy a Heat game after. For me, it's a win-win. I can't find their Instagram for the life of me though, but I promise it exists.

Mama Tried: Top 5 bar, somehow this place is always a good time both when it is kind of dead and packed. Great for after a-concert-drink or after like 2 or 3 bars and it's 1 pm. My go-to is the Pornstar Martini - $13 and you get a drink and a flute of champagne with sugared strawberry.

Sagrado Cafe: Great for real Brazilian food, drinks are pricey.


Magic City Perks: Perfect coffee shop with delicious coffee (coming from a non-coffee drinker!) Come for a cup and stay to study or just to enjoy the mural. Beautiful spot, even sweeter owners.

Urban Bricks: Great place to make your personalized pizza. Here's mine: Alfredo Sauce, chicken, ham, ranch sauce and a sh*t ton of cheese. :)

Strange Beast: Kendall's perfect lil brewery with a quirky atmosphere and a pizza oven. Perfect to hang out.

Hot Worx: Great for hot yoga, they have monthly packages and different types of 'hot' classes. The rooms are also small enough that it's you and probably one other person.

Earl's Dadeland: I am 2-2 on experiences at Earls. I've had two good experiences and two bad ones. Tuesdays they have half off bottle of wine and on the weekends, happy hour for brunch (half off the menu before noon). The service sometimes is bad but the food is decent and general enough that everyone can eat something from it.

Steve's Pizza West: Decent pizza, really good garlic knots. But again, how do you mess up garlic knots?!

The Edge Rock Gym: My respects to people who do this as a hobby, I don't have the arm strength for it. Go here with friends that are willing to laugh at/with you, as a team-building thing, or on like a 7th or 8th date once you don't care that they realize you can't rock climb for shit.

Manhattan Chicago Kendall: BEST DEEP DISH PIZZA.

Killer Melts: Their Killer Mac is good for one person, I wouldn't share it.

KBab: An interesting mix of different kinds of flavors under one roof. Some of it is spicier than others. Their salads are really packed and I really loved their spring rolls.

Sunset Bakery Cafe: Best cortadito you'll ever have, hands down. The food is also delicious, but the coffee was something else.

Stone Hart's Gun Club & Indoor Range: Went for a date and was much more nervous about looking like an idiot than anything else. Update: did not look like an idiot, agreed to go shooting really because I liked him, still got ghosted. I think it's a great date idea though, imagine if the girl doesn't know what she's doing so he has to come and put his arms around her to show her what to do... I had a great time that's all I'm saying.

Carrot Express: Suberb, I've never enjoyed an impossible burger so much. Good for lunch or quick dinner.

Bar Abi Maria: While I did not order any food here, the drinks were SUPERB! The music isn't too loud so it's great to catch up with friends or as a date night. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, so take your pick. They gave me this little blue mermaid to hang off my drink and being the hoarder that I am, it now lives on the top left of my computer. Get a punch bowl for only $10 on happy hour from 5-7 PM. Get two and you might be good for the rest of the night. Food-wise, you HAVE to get the waffle fries. They put the cheese on the bottom of the plate instead of drizzled on top. GAME CHANGER.

Latin Grill: Try the Chimiburrito, split it with two people because it is MASSIVE. It's made with the same dough as tequeños and has rice, plantains, protein of choice, and green sauce.

Miami River

Seaspice: okay I'm gonna say it. This isn't it. The portions are too small and the price is too large. Went for Miami Spice and ended up getting McDonald's after because I was still hungry. The Tres Leches was delicious though.

Miami Springs

Old Tom's: Pretty delicious wings.

Miami Lakes

Cancun Grill: Always good for their giant ass margaritas and their food never disappoints.

Bolay: Who knew healthy food could actually taste really really good? Not I. Until now.

North Miami

The Citadel: Oh my goodness this place is cute as hell. Great for friends or bring Mom to try out the different food vendors. I went to Palma Juice Co. and I really enjoyed their bowls and detox drinks.

Shuckers: Their ribs and their frosé were the highlights. It's beautiful because it's outside but their wings are not it. Go with the ribs I promise you.

Petralunga: While it's a bit of a drive for me, I say GO!!! Get there around 6 PM so you can get a seat outside and watch the yachts go by (we got there at 6 PM and by 6:20 PM, almost all the seats outside were taken). The Burrata & Prosciutto were divine and a solid tie for best entree was the Lobster Ravioli and Cacio E Pepe Pizza. Another Holy Sh*t moment. Brought some leftover ravioli and pizza for my grandma and it is Abuela Approved!

Fort Lauderdale

The Piazza Italia: Arguably the best Alfredo Fettuccine and meatballs I've ever had. It's a super cool spot that has a high-tech roof so they can change what the ceiling looks like! The service was fantastic and fun fact, it was the first time someone recognized me in public (which was weird in the best way possible).

Rocco's Tacos & Tequila Bar: A little pricey but the food is fine.

Pembroke Pines

Mazza Mediterranean Cuisine: Small business that we love to support! The food is delicious, Mediterranean food. You can even ask the owner to show you how to actually eat hummus! Try the Fried Octopus and order the Ashta for dessert for a light and fluffy dessert that doesn't leave you feeling overweight or the Apple Tart.

Arepas Mania: Located in Pembroke Pines mall, these arepas are pretty good. I just wish the cheese was more melted, you know? Otherwise, they have a decent take on different dishes using arepas like an Arepa Burger.


Serafina: A bit pricey, but delicious. Try the Lobster Ravioli, my mouth just watered thinking about it.

Pani: Okay, this place is straight out of Alice in Wonderland meets old timey circus theme! I went here for a Bridal Shower but I recommend it as a girl's lunch, birthday, brunch, or celebrating something special. The service was spectacular and the food was also *chefs kiss*.

MiMo District

La Social Miami: Super cute spot where the coffee is good and so is the breakfast. They have an outdoor hidden garden that's perfect for the gram. They close at 4 PM, FYI.

Food Trucks

Chicken Pollo: UFFFF THIS HITS THE SPOT!!! Super crunchy chicken and everything is incredibly fresh. They're currently on 8851 SW 40th ST.

Monster Burgers: The sauce was DELICIOUS. The burger DIVINE. The sauce HEAVENLY.

Yoyo's Burgers Food Truck: Standard food truck food, but their fried Oreos were amazingly ginormous

B.C. Tacos: Their food truck goes all over South Florida but their tacos really are top-tier. Also, I love their branding.

Freddo On Wheels: Authentic Argentinian gelato right here in Kendall (that's usually where it's parked). Perfect for a really hot day and if you want to try a different kind of ice cream.

Santo Dulce: Even their simple churro is perfect! I had it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, amazing on a hot Miami day.

Bahama Mama Bahamian Cuisine: Had their conch fritters and ceviche at the Exit One Taproom Brewery, so I'm not sure where they're located usually. The conch fritters were made to perfection and the sauce was a great companion. We got to talk to the owner and you can tell she loves the food she makes. Made it taste even better.

Delivery Services

BBakes Miami: Delicious chocolate-covered Oreos with M&Ms and peanuts. UGH SO GOOD!

Smokehouse Miami: They used to be located at Concrete Beach but... their food is cooked by family friends & made with a lot of love. The kind that you can actually taste. their mac & cheese is finger-licking good! You can order their food online.

Half Moon Empanadas: While they do have carts all over South Florida, putting these in here because they have been doing online orders because of the pandemic. Their dessert empanadas are unique and their banana Nutella one was my favorite. If you went to either UM or FIU, you remember how good they were.

Ms. Bakes 305: Personal-sized cheesecakes? Sign me tf up. YUM.

Cheese Board Co: The OG in personalized Brie Cheese. Also, the owner is so DANG NICE! Give me ALLLL the charcuterie please! A1 branding as well.

Sweet Munchies: Half a cookie is as filling as lunch. Give me 7, please.

The Plug Brownies: For when the stuff you can bake at home isn't enough.

Keilan Sweets: A coconut flan that is Abuela Approved.

Berries By Rose: Incredible attention to detail.

Sip Haiti: One of the best cakes I've ever had.

Get Reef: Pretty quick on the delivery, have a variety of choices to pick from. They specialize in ghost kitchens.


Antidote Wellness Labs: I get the hype, truly! I LOVED coming here (came on a Friday at 9 AM) and the energy was so high up, I didn't even realize the hour had finished. I also enjoyed the difference in machinery & exercises so it was beyond what I could've done alone at home. Not to mention, they have the 'gram spots ready on deck.


Freebee: Favorite way to get around and it's free + 100% electric. Download the app and it's like an Uber/Lyft for certain areas around Miami. Park the car and just go!

Brightline: Another favorite way of mine to act like a tourist around South Florida. Instead of driving to Fort Lauderdale, I'd much rather go on the train. I'm SO happy they're expanding to Orlando! Imagine getting the VIP tickets and just drinking + eating your way up and not having to worry about driving or getting gas. Not sure about post-Covid, but before they used to have BOGO specials so a trip for two was like $15.

Museum of Illusions: This is tone of the best date ideas! Go with someone that is funny and willing to take a million photos. Bring a tripod. Hope y'all don't break like I did with my date :)

Revel: This sh*t is so much fun omg. Get a day pass because it's cheaper and just moped all over the place. I love love love finding holes in the walls that you might not see from your car. Something about the wind in your hair and sightseeing that just makes you love the city all over again. Don't forget to wear sunscreen though!


Rok Brgr


Ms. Cheezious in Gables


Brother Jimmy's



Purdy Lounge

Concrete Beach Brewery

Mozzarella Fusion

Grubhouse Miami

Che Milanesa

House Kitchen & Bar

Town Kitchen & Bar


Ortanique on the Mile


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