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7 Years Old Now, A Lifetime to Go

While other kids are playing during their spring break, seven-year-old Arden was challenged by her mother to come up with a business idea. Out of her two older brothers, it was Arden’s idea for Sweents, scented flameless candles, that seemed the most feasible.

Her idea for Sweents stemmed from wanting to help one of her older brothers: due to his allergies to paraffin wax, the house has been candleless until now.

In a true family affair, everyone was put to work. The oldest son, Trey, studies engineering and began researching the different ingredients. All together they began the trial and error process to see which ones they liked and didn’t like. They used their family and friends to sample it and now sell it online and at various places around Miami, such as the Kendall Farmer’s Market.

The wax melts have different names, all made by the seven-year-old.

“This one is called ‘She Day’ after my mom because she always needs a ‘she day’,” Arden explains.

Since they made with natural waxes, Sweents won’t bother anyone with allergies and the smell lingers for about one or two months. Just put them on any wax warmer, they will melt, and your house will smell like the tropics, camping, or Arden’s personal favorite is “Happy Mallie.”

Even though she is only seven, she still feels excited to have a hobby she can share with her family.

“I feel great and like this is what I’m meant to be doing in my future,” she said.

Besides enjoying this family venture, Arden has received calls from customers saying their allergies have completely gone away. Even her family has seen an overall improvement in their health after using Sweents in their home.

While Arden and her family are still figuring out their next move for the business, they hope to have a storefront within the next year and expand. In the meantime, she is still balancing school, her business, and her dance recitals. If this is what she has accomplished at seven-years-old, imagine at eight!

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