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Are Period-Proof Underwear Worth It?

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Let's get the uncomfortable out of the way and start with this: if you can't handle a bit of blood, get the helllll outta here and grow up.

Hello adults!

This week's anxiety adventure begins with underwear; I only say anxiety because we all know getting a period stain causes nightmares. I'm not talking about just any underwear: Period-Proof Underwear brought to you by Luxury & Layla. This badass girl group is trying to make the world a more eco-friendly and easier on us ladies! Imagine not having to run to the bathroom every hour to check your tampon or use another pad.

“Our reusable, washable, undies take care of your period in any situation. They look & feel completely like normal underwear. [They] eliminate waste from single-use disposable products."

Well let's see if that's true! Their underwear also promises to be:

  • Moisture-wicking

  • Antimicrobial

  • Absorbent

  • Breathable

  • Leak-proof

Those are big words coming from a small piece of clothing! So to try out if it really is worth the hype, I'll be updating this every day as I'm on my period right now (heeeey not pregnant!). Plus working from home due to Coronavirus means if something terribly wrong happens, I can ~fix it~.

A few of my followers also asked questions about it - so keep them coming!

Day 1: Wed. March 18, 2020

Isn't the first day of your period arguably the worst? I'm not one to get many symptoms but lately, cramps have been kicking my ass. And they did for the first few hours of the day. Nothing my underwear could help with that though, but it's okay.

Since it's also the first day, I understand that I probably won't see much of the results because I'm not so heavy today. HOWEVER I will say, they were actually pretty comfortable! They didn't feel like diapers, per say, and they did a great job of making me forget that I should be concerned with leaking or my underwear getting dirty at any point in the day.

Laura P. asked if they left any panty lines and I couldn't see any. I was also wearing black pants because duh, period day. But still, it felt like I was wearing regular underwear!

Diana asked how much they cost and they're only $25! Considering how much we spend on pads and tampons alone, this might be the answer to that.

To end the day, I even worked out in them. Usually, I work up a gross sweat from working out and it was so weird - I couldn't even tell that I was sweaty down there! It really did absorb all of the ~liquid~. Either sweat, or otherwise.

Day 2: Thursday, March 19

Today was a great day - until it suddenly wasn't. I finally got a leak in the magical underwear!

I washed my pair from yesterday this morning and hung them out to dry all day long so I used the second pair during the day. Working from home (finally) gave me the peace of mind that if I got a stain, I could just go to the bathroom and resolve it. I put on the underwear at 8 AM and got a stain at 6 PM. Considering an entire day, not too bad.

However, I won't take it as a total negative: my second and third days of my period are the heaviest and the website does say to wear a panty liner or pad on the heaviest days. I didn't because I wanted to see how much it would hold without me having to change out of them.

Positive take: I was surprised that I still didn't feel like I was wearing a pamper. You'd think because it was technically full of liquid I'd feel like a one year old but quite the contrary - I forgot for a second that I was on my period. I even went on to workout afterwards and still, didn't feel heavy.

Yes, I know that's gross. Normally, I'd change my underwear and pad if I got a stain. The point of this social experiment is that I wanted to test the limit of the underwear so you won't have to! Even if that means I get a lil gross!

To end tonight, I washed the dirty underwear and will put it out to dry tomorrow. Already put on the clean ones to go to sleep except I already got a lil stain. Adding extra protection overnight - let's see what happens!

Day 3 - Friday, March 20

The overnight from Day 2 to Day 3 was fine, especially with the pad. I didn't want to risk it and stain my sheets. However, the underwear still caught whatever the pad didn't. Overall, felt very protected!

Wore the underwear throughout the day without the pad while the dirty ones were drying outside. As before, I worked out with them on and didn't have any problems. It also helps that my flow is also winding down so I didn't feel like I did yesterday in terms of getting stains and leaks.

Ironically, you'd think than an underwear that holds all your liquid would feel gross but I've never felt cleaner during a period cycle. I'll go to the bathroom and you don't have any junk to clean up or throw out. It's surprisingly sanitary.

Going to wear the clean ones I dried out during the day to bed. Let's see!

Day 4 - Saturday, March 21

Woke up feeling dry! Things I thought I'd never say during my period. Because I slept in one pair and my second pair was still humid, I had to clean one and let them both air dry during the day.

Finally wore one of the underwear at noon and didn't have to change at all during the day. I also felt super clean and at one point, I forgot I even had my period.

The nice side effect is that every time I workout, I don't feel sticky from all the sweat! It feels dry even, taking them off isn't a pain.

Went to bed with my clean pair, washed my dirty pair. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever take these off, even when my period is over.

Day 5 - Sunday, March 22

Another period day where I completely forgot I had it. Decided to learn a Tik Tok dance last night and even though I got sweaty, my underwear never did; the quarantine is getting to me, what can I say.

Spent the day wearing my underwear and the word of the day is: DRY. I went for a walk (the quarantine is getting to me), rowed our boat in the lake (the quarantine is getting to me), did some backyard work (the quarantine is getting to me), and even worked out (the quarantine is getting to me) - AND STILL FELT DRY.

I'm starting to question if I even have my period! I usually last about 5-6 days, so it makes sense that I'm winding down. But even still, it's miraculous how much sweat these also pick up. Forever impressed.

Tonight might be the last night I wear these to go to bed. Le

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