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Catching Up During Corona: Sweet Munchies

Being stuck at home means we're 1) supporting local 2) eating our hearts out. Time to do both and meet Sweet Munchies, whose cookies have taken over our newsfeeds and our stomachs!

Tell me a little about Sweet Munchies. How did you start it? Was it always an idea that finally came to fruition?

Sweet Munchies started back in Venezuela in late 2013 but due to the political situation, we were forced to close our doors, and basically we had to run away for our lives. As immigrants in the United States, we had to start from zero (working in all kinds of jobs) so we didn't have the time nor the finances to focus on growing our business.

What is your favorite menu item to make?


What item would you like to add to the menu?

Banana Bread (It's coming!)

How have you been during this quarantine? Why start a business now?

We have had a very good response from our clients. This was our time to start: my paralegal hours were cut and my husband was laid off. It was time to do it.

If you could have anyone in the world try your sweets, who would it be?

My aunt. I owe her everything I know about baking. In fact, when we were in Venezuela, she was the one who baked everything, so she hasn't had the chance to try them yet.

How would you describe the different items on your menu?

They are all made for the munchies.

Your menu is full of really great names! What was the inspiration for it?

Friends! That's my favorite show.

I also love your overall theme. Can you talk a little bit about that?

When we started, we used to have a different theme. We used to sell cupcakes, so that was the main logo. When we decided to start again here in the United States, I told my husband it was time to renew our theme so we basically told the graphic designer what I like (skulls) and how I wanted. He came back with this awesome idea! I have a huge skull (catrina) tattooed on my leg.

What are your plans for Sweet Munchies? Would you ever consider a brick & mortar?

Yes, the main goal is to open a location. As of right now, we are working non-stop in order to keep growing as a business.

If you had to describe Sweet Munchies in one word, what would it be?


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