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Hobby Turned Business: Front Office Sports

“This was never supposed to happen” is something you don’t usually hear from entrepreneurs who have ultimately become successful.

But Adam White has created the best monster: Front Office Sports, a media company that offers insights on the business behind the sports industry. He created it the summer of his freshman year as a way to “meet people in the industry just to find a job.”

Now, four years later, he can say that at 24 years old, he created a business that has given him the opportunity to travel to places like Monaco and meet icons like tennis player, Roger Federer. Most recently, he was on Forbes 30 under 30 and moving to New York to work more closely with his investors – a lifestyle change young White probably never saw coming.

At its core, Front Office Sports helps offer content, such as insights on the sports industry, profiles on the people who make it up, and video series of conferences.

“We’re always everywhere,” he said. “We make sure everyone is thinking about us.”

Being everywhere all the time also means working 12-16 hours a day, six days a week for White. His alarm goes off at 4 a.m. to work on his newsletter and website. His afternoon consists of investments calls and networking. He ends the day by preparing content for the next 24 hours.

“It’s sometimes hard to focus because you’re wearing so many hats,” he said. “It’s ugly but it’s fun since you challenge yourself every day.”

In addition, White has taken on extra part-time jobs to not touch any money that was coming through for Front Office Sports. The constant dedication on his hobby-turned-into-profitable-business has not only created opportunities for him, but for his ever-growing staff of writers. He was able to send his writer to Daytona for NASCAR due to their partnership with Toyota.

“It’s all about making a dream come true,” White said. “It’s impressive the impact we have on the people we never thought we’d meet and getting to write about it.”

Now moving to the city that never sleeps, he will continue to meet people and grow Front Office Sport’s presence. Perhaps even in a few years, he’ll turn his talents to growing businesses in the barber shop or restaurant realms.

But for now, he’ll keep creating content for a successful website, meeting sports legends, and waking up to do what he loves every day. You know, usual 24 year old things.

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