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The Press On Nail Verdict: Are They Really Worth It?

Going to the nail salon is a waste of 2-3 hours for me. THERE! I said it.

I take all this time to go, they never even get the calluses off my feet, and doesn't matter if I do Gel or Aprés Gel, it doesn't last for more than about four to five days.

Last year during quarantine, I got sucked into some Black Friday deals and started out buying Static Nails. I've also purchased from Finger Suit. Here, we're putting them to the test. *dun dun duuuun*


Both Static Nails & Finger Suit have really cute designs, it just depends on what you're looking for. From my point of view, Static Nails has more classy and timeless looks. I mean the French Nails and the Nudes, C'MON! They do have some with a pop of color and a few designs, but they all are very elegant and stylish.

Here are some of the ones I've gotten: Smoke Show, Matte Rose Coffin, Aurora Round, and Tortoise Shell. I have a lot more but these are the only ones still on the website. Tortoise Shell is one of my favorites and I've gotten so many compliments about Aurora, I bought another case; however, don't wear them in the ocean, they will get a "scuffed" look.

Finger Suit is more on the trendier side of things. They do have your essential nudes but you're going to find more swirls, mix of colors, and jewels.

Here are the ones I got: Dark Green, Canvas, Bae, Perfect White, Brown Marble, Swirly, Up & Down, and Camellia.


In terms of how the package looks, I'm going to give it to Static Nail but I can understand why Finger Nail did what it did.

Because Static Nails are reusable, the package only contains a nail file, glue, and 20 nails so you can pick out the sizes you need and whatnot.

Finger Nail, however, is not reusable. Instead, you get 40 nails with peel-off stickers in the back, two adhesive wipes, and a nail file. The first 10 nails are presented nicely so you see what you're getting and the other 30 are just thrown in there so you have to do a bit of digging in terms of what's going to fit your nail bed and what isn't.

Trying to dig through the Finger Suit nails was overwhelming and I'm sure can be more cohesive somehow. It's nice that you have so many to choose from and you have nails available to pick from for the next time you want to use them but...

Winner: Static Nails


Static Nails are arguably messier to put on because you're dealing with glue. You've got to glue your nail and then the press-on, and press them together. When I do it, I'll sometimes get glue overflow on the side because I want them to last for about two weeks. It's easy to clean, but it is a point to make.

Finger Suit has a peel-off sticker that you take off and put on your nail. You're done. In terms of speed of application, they definitely win. I "did" my nails waiting for my cousin to pick me up. Filing my nails, picking the press-ons, and putting them on was a total of 6 minutes.

Winner: Finger Suit


I have a few "tests" for my press-on nails. Can I wash my hair? Can I comb through a purse? Can I do basic chores around the house?

They've both been able to hold their own. Granted, you have to be realistic and not be doing anything too rough but overall, both have been impressive. You also have to realize that these nails aren't supposed to last more than a week or two, so after a while, they're not going to be as strong as they were on Day One.

Winner: Both


In terms of the quality of the nails, Finger Suit started deteriorating about 5-6 days after putting them on for the first time. The tips got really soft and started falling off so I had jagged fake nails on LOL

Winner: Static Nails

Overall, I will still be using them both! I like that you can take care and maintain the Static Nails and I also like that once you're done with Finger Suit, they go in the trash and you still have a ton of press-ons left over for the next time.

I give my stamp of approval for both of them!

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