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Hello Fresh VS. Blue Apron: Battle of the Meal Kits

If you've been following my Instagram for a while, you'll know that I've been cooking at home long before it became cool to cook at home 😉. I loved using Hello Fresh before quarantine hit, I paused it to save money, and was brought back by using a coupon.

When will I learn not to fall for the coupons? One day. But not today!

However, for The Super Bowl, I was gifted a box of Blue Apron for their collaboration with Stella Artois (the best beer in the land). After cooking both boxes, I asked myself... which is better?!

Blue Apron:


Hello Fresh:

So let's break it down by a few categories, shall we?


Both have similar box presentations and inside material. They bring their ice packs and whatnot so the food is fresh inside. Both ice packs are biodegradable and are eco-friendly.

HOWEVER, Hello Fresh does a better job of explaining their eco-friendly efforts with their packaging. For example, the box itself has stats about how you're saving money and the environment by using their company.


Blue Apron has shorter instructions which make things seem less daunting, however I messed up more because there was less of a breakdown of things. Hello Fresh will literally tell you when to breathe while you're cooking too so you don't mess up LOL

Hello Fresh also has more visuals so you can see what your food should be looking like as you're cutting it up or cooking it. It's easier to see what your plate will (or should) look like.

In terms of easy to make from following directions, I'm going to go with Hello Fresh. More breaking down of instructions = easier to follow = your dish will be *chefs kiss*.

Food Waste

Both companies pride themselves in giving you exactly what you need so you aren't using anymore or any less food. And they both achieve it. However, remember that I am human!

I finished cooking everything from Blue Apron and had random things that I couldn't find on any of the instructions so I didn't know what to do with it. Like I have a random pack of pesto in my fridge that I'm not sure where I was supposed to cook it.

I have also found a random onion at the end of my Hello Fresh meals but, like the Blue Apron experience, it's more my error than anything. So I'll give it a tie here.

Quality of the End Result

Both services have provided QUALITY dishes! While I have been with Hello Fresh so I am more aware of the variety of food they provide, the Blue Apron meals were also very delicious. I may have burnt the quesadillas I made but still, really really good. So an equal tie here!


Okay both of these systems are great to use. HOWEVER!!!! I am going to go with Hello Fresh. I like the visuals, branding, and how they let you know how YOU are saving money by using their product. The dishes have been orgasmic and it's so easy to make.

I'm not sponsored by them but AT SOME POINT IN 2021 I SHOULD BE!!!! I am trying to ~manifest~ it. Here's a coupon code in the meantime.


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