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Mi Casa, Su Casa

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

"Hi honey!” is one of the many greetings you hear when you walk through the doors of Casa Vinyasa. It’s not just about yoga here, it’s about wanting to create a familial environment and actually accomplishing it.

It’s not just in the warm greetings, but the flowers at the entrance hovering over a frame that says “Casa Vinyasa Family est. 2018.” Everyone is greeted by their name and if you’re new, you’ll still get the same kind of attention.

Someone even left them their phone to charge while she went to go run errands. Now that’s the ultimate form of trust.

Casa Vinyasa opened September 10, 2018 and within the first day, they already had people covering the whole yoga studio. Founded by Lizzie Chaippy and Melissa Callahan, the two really wanted to create a space where anyone could feel supported and still get a good workout.

The two met working at another yoga studio and decided to embark on their own in December of 2017. In January they began building and collaborating until nine months later, their yoga baby was formed.

“The first time I walked in with the keys in my hands, I just felt… whoa,” said Callahan.

Although small and young, the yoga studio already has character. With its homey feel and decorations, customers can experience their workout in a space with floor to ceiling windows.

“We didn’t even realize it but on the second day of the job, we were here at 6 a.m. and we got to see the sunrise,” said Callahan. “We stopped the class and everything to appreciate it.”

Customers can also experience a yoga like no other in Miami at Casa Vinyasa with their infrared heaters. Unlike other studios who just turn up the air conditioning, the heat is coming from what looks like ceiling lights.

And trust me, it got hot.

However, it doesn’t feel like you’re out of breathe and the heat actually detoxes your skin. While it was more expensive for Chaippy and Callahan, they still decided it was an investment worth making.

For a yoga beginner, this is my favorite kind of yoga I’ve ever done. Some might say yoga is “just stretching” but no way in the world was this just stretching. About four days later I was still shaking.

Melissa taught the Wednesday 5:30 p.m. class and I really appreciated how concerned she was with everyone’s postures, making sure they were doing the movements correctly. Add an already intensive yoga routine with the infrared heaters and my sweat was disturbingly dripping everywhere.

This was one of the best workouts I’ve ever done.

At the end of the class when I felt like dying, they pass out these towels that are nice and cold with a hint of lavender in them. It was like a thank you for making it through the class, despite not knowing much about yoga.

Would I come back? Absolutely.

I haven’t felt a great workout like that in a while. The day after, my legs hurt. Two days later, I felt it in my arms. Three days later, the soreness expanded to my core. Eventually the soreness subsided but part of me wish it didn’t or, more correctly, that I go back ASAP to keep it going.

I also just really enjoyed the atmosphere. It made me forget if I had a good or bad day and that I could concentrate on myself for an hour, knowing that I won’t regret it.

P.S. there’s free parking onsite, two words you don’t hear much in South Miami.

5901 SW 74 ST. Suite 414 Miami, FL 33143


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