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Catching Up During Corona: B Bakes Miami

For most businesses, the goal is to make good food, good memories, and good money. For Bayley, B Bakes Miami is ultimately about happiness.

"If I can make someone’s day and spread cheer, I will," said Bayley Ramos, founder of B Bakes Miami. "I work in Marketing and there’s no instant gratification. But with the cookies, there is."

The business started simply from playing around in the kitchen; her and her husband used to play-fight over who would get to eat them. All her creations are chocolate covered Oreos - whatever she puts on top of the chocolate is where the fun begins.

"I had just started making them and it turned into a joke like, 'Wow I can really make a business about this'," she said.

Now during COVID-19, she's decided to pause her sales and not only put her energy towards her marketing career, but also find a way to use her cookies to thank nurses and doctors, alike.

Her ultimate goal is to make others happy through their stomaches. She's donated a lot of her cookies for events, weddings, and other momentous occasions. In fact, her cookies have not only brought about positive memories, but actually unknowingly helped brighten a follower's day. It taught her that it's more than just the money.

"I had a follower messaged me while I had a giveaway going out and she was bummed that she didn’t win. I asked her for her address anyway so I can send it to her," she said. "I went through her Instagram and saw she was going through some stuff. I included a card that said “Cheer Up!” The follower really appreciated it. If I can do this to make your day, this could be good!"

Her concoctions are usually motivated by her sweet tooth and playing around in the kitchen. While her favorite is the M&M one, her other top flavors are White Chocolate, Peanut & Peanut Butter, and KitKat.

"It was weird to make [the KitKat one] because there was a mix of chocolate and it looks kind of weird. I didn’t know how the crunchy with the Oreo would go but people loved it," she said.

All the cookies are homemade, handmade, and hand-dipped. All orders use Ghirardelli chocolate; You can also custom order your own batch if you have something else in mind!

If you'd like to experience B Bakes Miami for yourself, keep an eye out for their Instagram to see when they'll be taking orders again!

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