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Catching Up During Corona: Iron Babe Fitness

What does it mean to be an Iron Babe?

"Girls that go really hard at the gym for themselves, that they do it for themselves, not for anyone else," said owner and founder of Iron Babe Fitness, Juli Lopez. "You see the girls getting their bodies done and my brand is the opposite; do it for you, not for anyone else."

Since she was 17 years old, Juli Lopez has been in the fitness industry whether it was playing sports, training herself, or working with others; she is now a certified fitness trainer & IFBB Bikini Pro.

Now, anyone can be a part of the #IronArmy even in the comforts of their own home with her brand new at-home workout program. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lopez was forced to pause her training "to go the safe route." However, many of her fans have been working out from home with her resistance bands.

"The bands represent me: they're tougher material, stronger, and they don't pop," she said. "I've had them since 2018 but out of nowhere, they're blowing up!"

Iron Babe's Alphabet Challenge: A - 50 Squats, L - 30 Jumping Jacks, I - 20 Push Ups,

N - 1 Minute Plank, A- 50 Squats

Contrary to what you would think just by taking one glance at her Instagram page, Juli wasn't always a fit-spiration.

"I used to be really skinny when I started working out. I was only 90 pounds at 4'11," she laughs. "My challenge was to gain legs and booty so I started being known as the cute girl who's going hard at the gym. People would see me lifting weights and would be surprised." Her goal is to help others learn that creating positive fitness goals is a lifestyle, not a change from one day to another. She helps her clients understand that "it's bigger than working out."

"I always tell my clients to pick three new habits to do instead of eating badly," she said.

I'd choose to stretch my legs, pick up that pile of clothes I have in my room, and take a walk outside - what would you choose?

Here are some other tips from Juli herself:

- It's All About Balance: People are so hard on themselves. It’s all about balance too. As long as you’re not having 3 bars of chocolate a day, it's okay. -Keep Moving: Starting is always the hard part.

-Accountability: I'm so hardcore about saying no to anything that’s not my goal. Writing down her goals really helps her a lot.

If you need any extra inspiration from the Iron Babe herself, when she's not training others, she's getting ready for her bikini competitions. She started in March of 2018 and since then, has done numerous competitions (and won a ton of them!)

Here's some extra inspiration too: she still gets intimidated by the other competitors! Celebrities, they're just like us!


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