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Catching Up During Corona: Miami Beach Bum

With summer around the corner (hopefully) and we're all working out to get in shape (maybe), you can't forget about the most important part of your summer body: your booty! I caught up with Miami Beach Bum owner and founder Ayssa DiPietro to learn more about why this product has gotten worldwide attention.

As a Marine Scientist-turned entrepreneur, DiPietro was making her own remedies to counteract the outbreaks she'd get from wearing bathing suits and wet suits. So maybe it's time for us to also give some extra attention to our bums too!

What does ‘Miami Beach Bum’ mean to you?

To me, Miami Beach Bum is about being your authentic, natural self. Having natural confidence and using beauty (with plant ingredients) as a way to take care of your body. Being fun & carefree.

What made you want to stop being a marine scientist and venture into creating a business?

I strayed from doing research & coastal engineering projects so that I would be able to make something for myself. I love having the control to choose how our supply chain is organized (sustainably in the USA) & who we give back to, such as Elizabeth Jones' animal welfare initiatives.

I am the Water Management Expert on the Miami Beach Planning Board so I still get to tap into my marine science roots. I use my chemistry background to formulate all Miami Beach Bum products.

Does the product also help with cellulite and stretch marks?

Having more healthy/glowing skin will distract from cellulite or stretch marks, but we do not remove those things. Our bum + body cream is for soothing skin affected by shaving, waxing, swimwear, activewear, sweat, and common skin concerns like folliculitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris (chicken skin), diaper rash + more.

How have you been doing now during the COVID-19 crisis, both personally and professionally?

Here in Miami, I can't complain. With a backyard and access to exercise outdoors. Plus, our warehouse and office are still open and operating. However, Miami Beach Bum's retail roll-out into Urban Outfitters here in the USA has been postponed; as well as our introduction into London & Moscow.

In the meantime, we are focusing on growing our e-commerce channel & are a summer add-on for Fab Fit Fun. We are pivoting towards more digital and making it work. What choice does anybody have, but to pivot and grow?

Did you expect people to react so positively to the product?

I think the positive reaction has come from how genuine the product is & that our team puts quality-control, customer satisfaction, and sustainability above profits. We do not cut corners. We source everything from the USA from high-quality plant ingredients to post-consumer waste packaging. When you create something you never know if people will love it or hate it. And while we have gotten haters, I am so appreciative women are loving our branding and finding that the product truly helps soothe their skin concerns. What is one misconception about your product you wish you could change?

Our bum + body cream is daily skincare to be used in the am + pm a part of your skincare routine. And it should be left at your house. This is not a beach bag product.

What is your favorite part of the business? What is the most challenging?

Favorite: giving back & having the ability to express my creativity through our branding. From designing packaging to directing video shoots. Most challenging is being self-funded and having to run a tight ship while trying to grow. We are increasing budgets slightly month over month to meet the next goals. What has been the best memory of your journey with Miami Beach Bum?

Launching. We were almost a year in the making before the launch. Finalizing branding & our formulation. Setting up the supply chain. Who do you wish used Miami Beach Bum, like bragging rights?

I wish Gwyneth Paltrow of Goop or Kourtney Kardashian of Poosh used it, liked it, and wrote about it!

If you could give your past-self advice, what would it be?

I was in college when Instagram became a thing. I would have told myself to make an Instagram and get a following for business purposes. Which do you prefer: Mint or Vanilla Orange?

I like Mint for the morning. It makes me feel energized for the day and Vanilla Orange in the evening, it is more soothing.

Congratulations on being featured in Vogue!!! What was that like?

Awesome. Who's next?

What does the future hold for Miami Beach Bum?

Check out our new product launches this Memorial Day and this Fall!

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