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Catching Up During Corona: Splash Jewels

To keep supporting local businesses during this quarantine, say hello to Splash Jewels! While they are only operating online, any purchase of their One Love necklace and 20% of the proceeds will go to Global Empowerment Mission.

In your own words, how would you describe Splash Jewelry?

Splash is a brand for the senses. I would describe the brand as “bringing to life the five senses”. Splash has a unique way of recreating that upscale beach resort vibe wherever you are. Imagine the moment where you’re headed to a beachfront dinner, with sun-kissed skin from a day on the water, freshly washed hair, and that perfectly fitting, comfortable dress, as you sip on a glass of rosé. This is what we call the Splash Vibe. It’s never been just about jewelry. It’s about a lifestyle. An experience.” Welcome to the Splash Island Life.

How has your past experience with the jewelry industry helped you create this brand and lifestyle?

Having grown up with his family owning a fine jewelry store on Miracle Mile, our co-founder Richard Lister gained immeasurable industry knowledge. It was this hands-on learning experience and passion, combined with a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle that created Splash Jewelry & Accessories.

How has your business been able to handle COVID-19?

Since most of our sales are made in person at boutiques, hotels, and events, unfortunately, things have really slowed down for us. With that said, this has given us time to catch up with designs that have been in the works for some time now and the ability to feature them on our website in the “new in” section. We are very fortunate to have incredible repeat customers which have supported us during this difficult time. For this reason, we are offering 20% off sitewide with no code needed as well as free shipping.

What kind of pieces do you wish to bring to the market?

Laid-back, affordable luxury. This includes effortlessly combining everyday sterling silver pieces with some demi-fine and 14kt gold pieces, which transition effortlessly from day to night, oceanside to evening cocktails.

Why choose a tropical vibe for Splash Jewelry?

The ocean and island lifestyle is our passion. It is where we find inspiration, creativity, and a sense of peace. Growing up in Miami, the tropical vibe is part of our everyday life. As we’ve gotten older, those fun-filled beach days have evolved into something more complex, almost a necessity. It was never even an option considering any other vibe for our brand.

What sets you apart from other jewelry stores in Miami?

Splash has a unique advantage and story. While our history is in fine jewelry and we can design and create the engagement ring of your dreams, we also offer some of the hottest trends in demi-fine jewelry. Demi-fine jewelry is a delicate balance between of-the-moment trends and fine jewelry. It gives you the option to own a piece that is modern and will last beyond what most fashion jewelry does, while not breaking the bank. The idea is for the woman to shop as she pleases and not wait for a special occasion to purchase or wear her pieces.

The demand for demi-fine jewelry is growing more and more every day and we hope to be part of the generation of jewelers that take it to the next level. This is a relatively new term for most customers, but it’s easy to understand why it hits such a sweet spot with most women.

How do you add your personal touch to the collections?

Each collection draws inspiration from this great, big, beautiful world. From the Mermaid Collection accented by pearls to our Celestial Collection inspired by the heavens above and of course, our Splash Waves Collection which is inspired by our love for the ocean. So in fact, I would say our persona touch is our love for nature is always present in our collections.

What is your personal favorite piece?

My favorite piece would have to be our smaller Splash Waves charms in 14kt solid gold. It’s both casual and elegant but still has that beach vibe. These haven’t officially launched yet, so you’ll have to check back to see them!

Is there a collection that you think encompasses your brand as a whole?

I would have to say the Mermaid Collection. Each piece has a different baroque pearl detail and is named after a song from Sade. I would say this collection is the definition of Splash.

What has been the most gratifying moment since you opened?

Definitely the opportunity to have a trunk show at our favorite hotel in the Exumas, Bahamas. I personally worked on this for a whole year and the dream finally became reality in February 2020!

If you could tell your past self a piece of advice, what would it be?

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” - George Addair. Keep going.

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