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Catching Up During Corona: Whip N' Dip

From the community wall of guitar lessons and newspaper articles to the aquarium in the corner to the extensive ways you can take ice cream home with you, Whip N' Dip has been a local favorite for 35 years.

"Everyone told us we’d be out of business from the get-go," says owner George Giampetro Jr.

Giampetro's father, George Sr., started Whip N' Dip after being talked into it by his wife. She thought it would be a great retirement plan after he had worked as the Director of Admissions at the University of Miami for so many years. George Sr. and his daughter learned how to make professional ice cream by taking dairy courses from Penn State University. They opened Whip N' Dip in 1985 and turned into a family business where now four generations have worked behind the counter. Together, they have consistently offered high-quality ice cream to a neighborhood that has loved them since day one.

In fact, the ice cream shop is much more than a family business: couples and marriages have formed amongst employees from meeting as co-workers.

"My mom would schedule people she thought would be a cute couple for the same shifts," Giampetro Jr. laughed. "She's Whip N' Dip's ultimate matchmaker."

The family-feel they have created has also helped them stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whip N' Dip has been open the whole time for takeout, delivery, and pick-up and have maintained their staff during these past few months.

Even the manager, Christopher Culver, acknowledges that the people behind and in front of the counter are a special group. Culver moved to Miami from Chicago six years ago, walked into the ice cream shop for a job, and hasn't left since.

"The people here are my favorite," said Culver. "I've made a lot of good friends who don't even work here anymore."

So why do people keep coming back for more? The secret is in the ice cream. It's made up of 14% butterfat. According to Giampetro Jr., butterfat carries more flavor so the more of it the ice cream has, the more you'll taste the flavor.

"Here's an ice cream tip, next time you have some, rub it on the roof of your tongue. If it feels waxy, it's good ice cream," he said.

Some of his favorite flavors make are the ones with nuts because he gets to roast them before making the ice cream. As for which one he prefers to eat, he had to think about that one a bit longer.

"I'm going to say Strawberry and Mint Chip," George said. "I like the weird ones."

Almost everyone else in the shop, including Culver, said Cookies N' Cream.

"Hey George, can we bring back donuts and creme?" Culver yelled from the front of the shop.

"Yeah, bring me some donuts and I'll make it!" George yelled back.

Just like that.

1407 Sunset Dr, Miami, FL 33143


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