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Catching Up With Corona: In10se Design

Magician. Beast. Insanely creative. These are just some words to describe the work that Stephany Noriega does for In10se Design, her own graphic design company that she started back in high school. What started as creating the homecoming graphics for her high school back in 2010 has blossomed into working with the likes of Chris Bosh, St. Jude Children's Hospital, Miami City Ballet, and almost every restaurant in Miami.

"It was definitely supposed to be just a side hustle," she laughs.

Her first paid project was doing business cards, then her sister's wedding, and by 2014, she graduated from Barry University and started doing Chris and Adrienne Bosh's events. Whether it was graphics and printing for their birthdays or menus and stickers for Bosh's menswear line, Mr. Nice Ties. Adrienne posted about her work once and that's how she built out her celebrity clientele.

Stephany's had a world-famous supermodel (we can't say who it is) ask her to do her daughter's birthday invitations and cupcake toppers for free, without any publicity on her end. When Stephany denied the offer, claiming that she was only 21 at the time and said supermodel could at least "help the little people out", the supermodel claimed she shouldn't have to pay because "all other vendors were also doing it for free."

When she's not dealing with celebrities, she's working with local businesses and non-profit organizations such as St. Jude Children's Hospital. You can see her work in any of St. Jude's events and magazine graphics.

"When I volunteer, it's really cool to see all of my stuff up," she said. "I first went to an event and no one knew who I was. I started telling people 'I'm the graphic designer' and suddenly, I showered with love! It's a pretty great feeling."

She has had similar feelings when she sees her work on billboards on the i-95 highway and her designs for the Copa América events in Mary Brickell Village. You can also see her work on social media or local businesses such as Growing My Little, Identity Media PR, and East MIA.

In the past ten years of working on graphic design, she's learned a thing or two by now. For example, she used to hand-cut a lot of Chris Bosh's invitations - a process she now knows to not do by hand.

"Overall, I've learned to value my time more," she said.

However, for the past ten years, she's still telling people how to pronounce her company's name.

"It's not In-noice-design," she laughs. "It's INTENSE design!"

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