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Nine Miles Away

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The city of Miami may have its sports, but nothing rallies up its people like getting to tailgate and watch college football. Our city has two football teams that has a bit of a short, yet rocky history.

And soon, there will be another milestone added to the timelines. On September 22, 2018, the University of Miami (UM) and Florida International University (FIU) will play against each other for the first time since 2007.

Only nine miles in distance, the two schools seems like world’s away.

UM’s football team is a Division 1 team that competes in the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). FIU’s football team is a Division 1-A team that competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). UM has won five national championships, FIU has won none.

The two aren’t traditional rivals, such as UM vs. Florida State or FIU with Florida Atlantic. However, the only two other times the schools did play with each other left such a mark that they never tried to meet on the field again.

Here’s a breakdown of the short, but violent history that may or may not change this upcoming month.

October 14, 2006

UM and FIU play for the first time in what was supposed to be the “City Line Series,” an annual series between the two Miami-area schools. Seems innocent enough. However, combine football with some trash talk and plenty of testosterone, and you’ve got a fight people are still talking about to this day. (Seriously, bring up this game to anyone who was there and they’ll tell you how they also got in a fight in the stands.)

With only nine minutes left in the third quarter, Miami H-back James Bryant makes a touchdown and continues to put UM in the lead at 13-0. It’s not sure who started it, but suddenly there’s kicking and fighting, and even players from the bench came to fight too. In the stands, fans started fighting too.

As a result, 13 players were ejected from the game: eight from FIU and five from UM. The day after the game, 31 players from both schools were given one-game suspensions: 18 from FIU and 13 from UM.

And a game to remember ever since. Miami went on to win 35-0.

September 15, 2007

No fighting. UM won 23-9.

September 22, 2018

Also no fighting, UM won 31-17.

FIU is schedule to host Miami in 2021.

Have any fun stories from the tailgate/game? Comment below.

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