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Escape from Miami: Henrosa Hotel

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

We all love hole-in-the-wall restaurants and boutiques, but perhaps we need to expand our search for these hidden gems. Look no further than the Henrosa Hotel, arguably the cutest hotel I’ve ever seen.

Opened in November of 2018, the Henrosa Hotel is the perfect place to not only feel comfortable but also take all the Instagram pictures you’d need. It’s got only 40 rooms, so the hotel already has a very cozy vibe; think of it as no one else will have the same pictures as you do.

Everyone can go to a general Miami Beach hotel, but not everyone can enjoy the Henrosa Hotel.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because it was a functional hotel almost 10 years ago. After the renovation, it still has its signature 1935 architecture preserved but with a modern touch. Lots of the furniture and art pieces are hand-carved and brought in from India. Anything hand-painted, such as the details on the walls, have all been hand-painted by the mother-daughter duo who helped put the hotel together.

What is ironic about the Henrosa Hotel is that although it is smaller than most, it has a huge personality. You walk in and you are flooded with pink, gold and silver details, all while feeling cozy and at home. With the flamingo art pieces and palm tree decor, you feel like you’re in Miami.

And yet, it feels like a total escape from your usual flashy grand hotel and bikinis and Pitbull music (although there is nothing wrong with any of these, I love you my president, Mr. 305). Although right on Collins, it still feels elegant and out of this generation.

It also helps that there is free breakfast at Havana 1957 and that it's fairly inexpensive (more or less, about $100 a night).

Also side note, the wine and rose I had there was probably the best I've EVER had. The rose from the Cavalier Hotel was so sweet and easy to drink. Safe to say I forgot what glass I was on from enjoying it so much. As for the wine, we got to try both the red and white wines. The red wine, Men de Mencia, was smooth and oaky, also went down really well. As an award-winning wine from Spain from the Soto del Vicario vineyards, I expected anything but a fantastic experience - and that's exactly what we got. As for the white wine, Clos La Soleya, is also from Spain and pretty refreshing. Get it the next time you have a party!

I’d happily stay here over and over and over again. There’s functioning AC in the rooms, a mini-fridge that is stocked with free water, and an atmosphere unlike any other.

1435 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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