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How to Navigate Baru/Tu Candela

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Consider these two latin clubs same same, but different. One’s on top of the other, yet have different atmospheres with the same style of music.

Bienvenidos to the strange worlds of Baru and Tu Candela.

What they have in common:

  • Same building: Baru is downstairs, Tu Candela is upstairs (you can get to TuCa either through Baru or by taking the stairs right outside)

  • Both have cover: if you reach either one after 11 p.m. (give or take), you will have to pay for cover. However, you do get fake money to spend on drinks inside, so take your chances if you want.

Pretty cool neon signs (although Baru wins): Baru has this one neon sign that says “Q Quiere La Reina” and I’ve never felt more in lovewith a neon sign before. Tu Candela has one that says "Caliente" by the bathroom in bright red. Makes for a good Instagram Story.

What they don’t have in common:


  • Tends to be on bar crawls so if you don’t want to sacrifice a whole night there, you don’t have to.

  • Looks more tropical with murals, fans for the heat, and more foliage. Right outside there’s a giant tree where you can sit and drink while others dance.

  • More reggeaton music than Tu Candela

  • More relaxed vibe because there’s an outside area and more of a bar feel inside, even though at one point everyone’s just dancing their lives away.

  • There’s a second Baru bar in Doral (the one in Kendall closed)

  • It’s inside and outside, so it’ll get hot.

Story time: I asked the bartender for a tequila sprite, but she thought I meant one glass of Sprite and one of tequila. The woman had never heard of a tequila sprite…

Tu Candela

Definitely more of a club vibe

  • More pronounced VIP area (it looks like a giant pizza oven)

  • Midgets will walk in the crowd or on the bar serving you free Aguardiente (be careful! That sh*t creeps up on you.)

  • There’s a stage in the middle where the DJ is and periodically, girls will dance on there and creepy guys will video tape it on their phones

  • It’s all inside, but it’ll get hot.

Both Baru and Tu Candela are a great time but only if you want to listen to Spanish music the whole night. Come if you’re ready to dance with strangers and receive free shots. But also, be safe and responsible.

A friend of mine got jumped in the bathroom by two girls who were upset she took too long to use the stall. Cops and management didn't do anything about it. Take care of your people when you're out and about in Miami, this could have happened anywhere but it happened here. Drink responsibly and don't drive home if you're drunk.

See you there real soon! I’ll probably be the one starting up all the dancing.

901 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33131

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