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I'm Sweaty And I Know It

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Intimidating. Chaotic. Successful.

These are a few words that explain the craziness that is Sweat 440, a new concept to hit Sunset Harbor, Miami Beach since April 2018.

Each class is 10 minutes - meaning anyone can join in and there is literally no excuse why you can’t come to a class. There’s one every 10 minutes! Each day focuses on a different body part, so in one week you get the full body workout. On Tuesdays, it’s upper body day.

How does Sweat 440 accomplish this?

The room is split into four sections, each with three sets of an exercise that lasts 10 minutes. For example, the first section has TRX tricep curl, bench dips, and battling ropes with burpees. On the tv screen, it tells you what exercises to do and counts you down until you have to move onto the next section. As this rotation continues, when one person has rotated through all four sections, a new person jumps into the first section and so forth.

Makes sense? After 40 minutes of working out, you’re done! You can only do the rotation again if there’s space in the class - which usually there isn’t. Each section only holds six people, so 24 people can work out at the same time; there’s about one pair of each equipment to manage how many people are in the space. For example, there are only two pairs of ropes and two elliptical bicycles.

While it looks like an insane atmosphere that you will never get into, it’s actually quite easy. The trainers there help you figure out what you’re doing and where to go next. They were fun and playful and made the intense environment seem so much more relatable.

For anyone in the area looking to jump in and out of a workout, this is the perfect place for you. No need to bring your own headphones, they have music playing and you need to hear the buzzer telling you to switch workouts. Also, since the working out is time-based, it’s up to you how hard or not you want to go.

You only have 40 minutes, so make it count.

Did I like it? I did! I thought it was a unique way of working out that requires you to really push yourself to get your time and money’s worth. Because it’s only 40 minutes, I think it’s easier to workout harder knowing you’re almost done. However, I wish warming up and cooling down was a part of the process. They have some equipment for you afterward, but most people just walked away.

For any Miami Beach local, your first class is free with an ID. If you think Miami Beach is too far, they are opening up studios in Brickell and Merrick Park - so no excuses!

P.S. On your Apple Watch, put HIIT if you’re trying to count your workout on your activity.

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