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Pop That P: Innerride's Adventure

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

“Pop that pedal!” the cycling instructor screamed at one point, winked, and then kept sprinting on her bicycle. It’s a normal Monday night for Innerride, the indoor cycling studio in the heart of Wynwood.

Except on Mondays at 7 p.m. the cycling class is on the rooftop, overlooking Wynwood. While you’re dying of sweat, you can see the sunset as you work out. It really was the best part of the class. For a workout studio that’s relatively new (they’ve only been there for about a year), it’s got a good marketing strategy to get newcomers to try it out - and stay.

The studio is pretty small in comparison to other places but it’s cozy-ness, trainer knows your name, vibe is actually great. They provide cycling shoes and towels in case you forgot yours at home. If you’re in the mood to take cute pictures, they have decorations that make for good backgrounds.

Your first class is free but you can't use it on a Monday night - still worth it though!

I’m not an avid cycler, I usually just go to the gym for my cardio and weights. I’m not used to following commands or cycling to the beat of the music. However, for my first class, I thought this was perfect.

The teacher, Daryl, was incredibly energetic, insanely positive, and had a playlist of remixes I’ve never heard before. Not sure how she really managed to do the class and instruct it, but the abs on her stomach prove that she can.

At one point, she slowed the class down and started talking about being inspired and concentrating on yourself and I’m not sure why but I almost got teary eyed. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the exhaustion, but I really felt it in my soul.

By the end of the class, I forgot that it was Monday. I really felt like I could conquer the world, even if my body was sore; Daryl makes sure your arms and core get some action as well. The 50-minute class ended with a stretch and me almost falling over because I couldn’t get my shoes to unclick from the bike.

The following day, my legs were still sore and my butt still had a bike seat shape but overall, I’d do it again.

Catch me popping that p one more time.

50 NW 24th St Suite #107, Miami, FL 33127


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