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Valentine’s Day in Miami: For the Broke & Boujee

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

For a single day of the year that isn’t even a whole season, doesn’t have holiday music, and causes all people to either question or indulge in the status of their relationship, Valentine’s Day sure is a big deal. Whether you like it or not, the holiday isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

You will still get a ton of pictures on your feed of people loving their singledom, significant other, and most importantly, their animals. There is going to be pressure to get a reservation at some restaurant and the sudden urge to buy a teddy bear.

If you are stressing for Valentine’s Day, here are the best things to do this upcoming Thursday to actually enjoy a day that could be a wholesome day.

Before I start, never ask out someone for dinner on the 15th unless you really want to let them know you really don’t want a relationship with them. Didn’t think it was weird when it happened to me last year but guess who got the message...


Start the day with a text: Basic, I know, but this could really go a long way. A simple “I’m happy you’re in my life and I can’t wait to see you later” will probably be the highlight of their day. You don’t have to be mushy, just be honest. And then shoot a text to your friends and your mom because this holiday isn’t only for lovey-dovey relationships!

Get Flowers: Cheesy, yes. Expected, also yes. But if you don’t normally give each other flowers, Valentine’s Day is a good start. They’re not expensive and lets them know you stopped two seconds before going to work or school to think about them. Even better if you get them from street vendors - many of them depend on this holiday to make money and you might not even have to get out of the car!

Drag, Wrestling, Milk and Champagne: You don’t have to be broke or boujee to want to do something different on Valentine’s Day - and Sweet Liberty has the weirdest answer: a drag queen wrestling ring with an inflatable pool and 20 gallons of milk and champagne. Although out of the box in terms of traditional Valentine’s Day things, but when else are you going to see this out and about?

National Hate Your Ex Day: For a certain kind of hatred that can only come from personal experience, bring a picture of your ex to Hooters. Rip it apart and get yourself some free wings. It’s probably the most positive thing to come from heartbreak.


You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to let someone know you love them on Valentine’s Day. Here’s where you can have a great night, whether it’s for you, your boo, or your friends.

Private lil picnic: Grab a blanket, some strawberries, wine or champagne and go drive to one of the Key Biscayne beaches. It’s inexpensive, private, and actually quite romantic, especially if you go at night. If you get too cold, bring extra blankets and just cuddle.

Free alcohol: That’s right, our favorite F word! Ladies, if you go to Bulla Gastrobar on Wednesday, Feb. 13, groups of 4 or more get a free pitcher of sangria. For couples, you get free champagne at Doc B’s Restaurant. It’s like Miracle Mile is the Oprah of alcohol. For more alcoholic options, The Deck in Wynwood has happy hour for ladies from 4 p.m. to close. You heard that right

Ok But Are They Ham or Chicken? Yes you’ve already heard this but how amazing is the box of croquetas? I’m just upset I didn’t think of it. Pre-order your box of ham croquetas from Islas Canarias to pick them up starting Monday, February 11. (Extra love if you got that reference)

No Small Talk Here: Ball & Chain has free drinks for ladies from 8-10 pm BUT you can also use this as a perfect date excuse, especially if you two are in the ‘we’re not in a relationship yet’ phase. If you’re not afraid to dance salsa in public, just have fun for the night and you won’t have to think of small talk over candlelit dinner. Even if you don’t dance, there’s still free lessons so you can really make some memories with each other!

Wine Snobs & Newbies Unite: Tired of regular people taking over Lagniappe? Head to BarMeli and their extensive wine list to really flex on your knowledge of fancy grape juice. They specialize in wines from the Mediterranean and it’s casual enough to feel at ease, yet special enough to make it a memorable Thursday.


Go Big or Go Home: To say that Barton G’s plates are out of this world is an understatement. Eating here isn’t just to be full, it’s a whole experience. For example, popcorn chicken comes in a miniature carnival game you can actually play while you eat. Bring someone here if you’re both ready to have fun with the creativity in the air.

For the classy who still want to party: Chinese food is usually a go-to cheat meal on a Sunday or after a night of drinking, but this fancy restaurant really treats you like royalty. Komodo is both a restaurant and a party venue, so get you someone who likes both to really enjoy this space. Want to still come here but not break the bank? Happy hour is from 4-7 p.m. with discounted food and drinks.

Hole-in-the-wall treasures: From personal experience, Le Chat Noir in Downtown is nothing like what the outside looks like. Go too fast in your car and you might miss it but inside is a cozy wine bar. Go downstairs to what is probably Miami’s only basement for live jazz and even more wine. It’s a win-win situation.

For Some Extra Meat: If a steakhouse is your idea of a romantic dinner date, Ruth’s Chris Steak House has a special dinner from February 8-17. You’ll get two Cold-Water Lobster Tails with either a FIlet or Ribeye Steak starting at $50. You’ll get a side of Veuve Clicquot Brut or Gruet Blancs de Noirs Brut, and you should definitely come here if you can pronounce both those sparkling wines. For something extra special, a wine dinner will be held on Wednesday, February 13 at 7:30 p.m. with a 5-course meal. Also, there’s a dress code so break out that little black dress.

Chocolate please!: There’s nothing wrong with a box of chocolates, but isn’t it a little overdone? That’s why at Exquisito Chocolates, you can visit Miami’s version of Willy Chirino Wonka’s factory, take a tour, and even paint your own canvas using chocolate. And yes! You even get to have some while you’re painting! Okay so who’s taking me…?

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