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Beyond Van Gogh Exhibit: Worth The Art Or Stick To Google Images?

If Van Gogh's sunflowers are your favorite kind of flowers, then Beyond Van Gogh is your next destination. It is an immersive experience to see Vincent Van Gogh's painting in a different way. Here are a few thoughts...

  • You don't learn much: This exhibit both acts like you already know Van Gogh or you aren't there to learn about him. You walk into a room with a bunch of frames and snippets of quotes he writes to his brother. As you walk through, you have a brief description about who he is and why his paintings are as famous as they are. I wish they had actually told us more about him, how he got famous and why he cut his ear off. They mention it the way you mention you had coffee in the morning. "He got in a fight and cut it off." The end.

  • The "Immersiveness" is pretty cool. After you walk through the maze of quotes, you enter a larger room where projectors have paintings on the walls and the floors. As time passes, they change into something else. For example, the room went dark and then to dark blue and then little by little the Starry Night came to life on the walls and the floors. This part was really cool, I will admit! The "show" loops for like an hour.

  • Isssss Expensive: The tickets range from $36-93 and I definitely wouldn't go again. I think it's a bit expensive for what the exhibit is. I wish they had a matinee price for like $15-20, then I'd say it's worth it. Also, I think you might want some to invite Mary Jane to come so you're not alone.

Overall, cool experience but not enough to recommend. Go for a date night or your artsy friends!

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