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How Covid was Halloween Horror Night's Main Attraction

I said yes to going to Halloween Horror Night's after six years of not going ready to be scared. I'd seen all the Netflix shows, caught up with American Horror Story, and braced International Mall's House of Horror perfectly fine.

And yet, Covid is the reason why Horror Night's wasn't as fun as other years! We walked in and I was ready for the chainsaws and the theatrics - I had my hands ready to hold onto the nearest t-shirt so I can bury my face into it. When we walked in, there wasn't a single person to greet us to our death. There were a few stages with characters on it but nothing you couldn't handle.

Covid also ruined the haunted houses as well - there was plexiglass wherever an actor was going to pop out so you weren't really scared. In fact, I started yelling back as well! Things Alina from six years ago could have never done. (Fun fact during the Bride of Frankenstein, I actually started yelling "GO GET YOUR MANS GIRL" after she resurrects Frankenstein.)

The ONLY pro I could see was that it was easier to walk through and not be scared. Plus, you could actually enjoy the house and its details because you weren't concerned about the scary parts.

As for the scare zones, we walked around and only found one. And even they wouldn't really chase anyone. There was also a TON of people so I'm sure that was a factor. In fact, the park was so packed, I'm not sure I would've waited in line if we didn't have the fast passes. I think it was easily like an hour wait.

I'd definitely go back to Horror Nights but not during Covid precautions. And plus, half the actors weren't wearing masks and the other half was so clearly, no one at Universal cares either.

Can we bring back the purge zone? Now THAT was fun!

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