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How I Found Gold Robbing a Bank With The Money Heist Experience

Whether you're a fan or not of La Casa de Papel, they've taken over the Alfred I. duPont Building here in Downtown Miami. Let me preface this article by saying it's hard to explain what this experience was without giving it completely away. But I will say... it was so worth it.

Yes, you get to wear the classic red jumpsuit and the Dali mask. No, you don't actually get to take any gold home (just take a million pictures with it).

Yes, this vault is real!

You can expect from this an escape room mixed with real actors and you actually go through the duPont building (which was arguably one of the coolest parts). If you've seen the show, you'll geek out. If you haven't (like me), you'll still think it's super cool. The actors were AMAZING!!!!!! Omg! They were incredible, easily the best part of the whole experience.

For background, this was taken right after we finish the heist

and the actors were giving each other kudos. This guy specifically said,

"Hey guys can I have a round of applause for the guy who made you all sh*t your pants?!"

Yes, there are fake guns and the bad guys yell at you a lot. I couldn't stop laughing for whatever reason and I'd get yelled at to "get back in line" whenever I did. Again, the actors were great! They pick you out for the activities that are placed throughout the experience and it's all very immersive.

Also, they have lockers for you to leave your stuff in - I recommend leaving everything. Even your phone! If you're going with more people, have one person bring the phone for the photo ops afterwards but you're not going to be needing your phone otherwise. You know, enjoy the moment and whatnot.

The experience will be in downtown until December and I definitely recommend to go. Go as a date night, with a squad, or take a whole work group. I don't care who you go with - JUST GO!

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