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Catching Up With Corona: Graziano's

In our mission to keep supporting local businesses, we're talking about Graziano's today! What started as a pop-up asado in the parking lot on the weekends is now one of Miami's best Argentinian places. As they deal with COVID-19, as is the rest of the city, check out what makes them so special to this city! Plus, we break down how to really have a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Graziano's.

Hint: there's a lot of family, family, family at this family business.

If you could describe Graziano’s to someone who has never heard of it, how would you describe it?

A family of Argentinian restaurants and gourmet markets serving great food, wine, our famous asado, and memories.

What do you think made Graziano’s so successful in Miami? How do you think it has been able to maintain the status of being a staple in the city?

When we opened our first market on Coral Way 30 years ago, we started a pop-up asado in the parking lot on the weekends. We wanted to provide our community with the best quality beef and the authentic Argentine experience we knew from our childhood. We believe our success is attributed to our focus on quality in everything we do, and the heart and soul we put into our cooking.

Over the years, our focus hasn’t changed. Our priority has and always will be quality in every sense of the word and the customers who have become like family. We now have markets and restaurants located throughout South Florida. Our markets offer fast-casual dining, gourmet groceries, and a bakery section filled with homemade pastries. Our restaurants offer an intimate ambiance and formal dining experience with an impressive open kitchen and asador at the entrance. While the ambiance at our markets and restaurants differ, our customers can expect the same genuine Graziano’s experience at any location they visit.

How are you handling COVID-19?

We’re keeping our markets stocked daily with all groceries because helping our customers get through this time is what we’re focused on. We launched our very own delivery system within one short week and offer free delivery at all of our markets.

Our home-finished meals save time and stress when trying to figure out what to serve your family for dinner. When we saw toilet paper come into short supply, we made sure to bring this item into our inventory. Since our employees are so important to us and we care for them like family, we are providing family meals for our employees who are temporarily not working. Cleanliness and exceeding food safety standards have always been a priority for us and we’ve taken everything to the next level.

The company is a family business, according to the website. How exactly has the family impacted the business? Or how has the business impacted the family?

For us, family always comes first. We built our business as a family and because each one of us plays a distinctive role, we have all directly contributed and impacted Graziano’s on a personal level. Building, growing, and maintaining the Graziano’s brand has affected our family in a way that has further unified us by allowing us to strive in our different talents and strengths.

What is the most popular dish at Graziano’s?

For breakfast, our café con leche served alongside a complimentary cookie paired with a fresh pastry or miga sandwich from one of our Market bakeries are a can’t-miss for many of our regulars.

During lunchtime, our Markets and Restaurants are frequented for business lunches where our parrilladas are a popular choice for making an impression. Some other stand-out dishes and appetizers include empanadas, choripan, grilled meats, and a variety of homemade pastas. An order of panqueques de dulce de leche is the perfect way to end your meal at our restaurants on a sweet note!

And of course, we are proud importers of wines sourced around the world. We love to support other family businesses and have carefully curated our wine list to include the best of the best that you typically cannot find elsewhere.

What would you consider to be the most perfect experience in terms of an appetizer, entree, and dessert?

At our Restaurants: an order of albondigas and provoleta parrillera to start, followed by a selection of meats from the grill (they are all certified angus beef, raised by family ranchers and aged at least 21 days) with a side of mushroom risotto. Panqueques de dulce de leche are always a great choice to finish your meal on a sweet note. All accompanied by a lovely bottle of Malbec to share with great company, of course!

At our Markets: Our markets were designed to be casual and fun! We have wonderfully sized portions to share, salads, pastas, and beef to satisfy any craving.

I see David Beckham went to Graziano’s! Have any other famous names showed up at one of your locations?

Yes, it’s always so exciting to see him! Beckham and his team have dined with us several times! Musician Ricardo Arjona has also visited the Coral Gables Market!

When COVID-19 is over, what can people expect from Graziano’s?

They can expect to be welcomed back with open arms! We love connecting with our customers in person, whether they are regulars, newcomers, or just popping in to pick up some beef to grill at home! We’ll be more than ready when we open our doors for dine-in again!

What is one thing about Graziano’s that most people don’t know?

We have an Italian side to us! We’re absolutely known for our Argentine culture, but like so many, our love of food stems from our grandmother. She was born and raised in Naples, Italy and our family grew up eating freshly made pastas and pizzas. In tribute to her, we invite you to try our sister restaurant, Lucia Pizzeria.

Check out their website for all restaurant and market locations & contact information.

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