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New Restaurant Alert: Mamey

There's a new restaurant on the block, her name is Mamey and she didn't come to play. It's hard to get a reservation and for good reason: it's Chef Niven Patel's ode to tropical cuisine. If you love Ghee, you'll like Mamey too.

The restaurant is on the first floor of the Thesis Hotel* but there is a rooftop available just for drinks. Since we're in a pandemic, everything is outside only and I wonder when you can start eating on the rooftop so for now, the first floor will do. Everything is socially distant, which is great!

As for what to wear, I went more on the dress and heels route because that's just who I am as a person. We saw some girls wearing jean shorts and another couple more dressed up. So honestly, wear whatever you want.

Before I get into the food, I will say that I wish there was more color incorporated into the design of the place, especially mamey color. But that's just me.

Okay, the menu!!! Everything was delicious but of course, there were a few favorites. I will preface this with the fact that my friend Adrian and his sister Natalie ordered every appetizer on the menu so we can try everything and we didn't order an entree. Okay, moving forward!

The Drinks: I ordered the Mango Harvest and it was *chefs kiss*. I had three and while I didn't feel buzzed at all, were very refreshing. Adrian ordered the Jerk Margarita and Natalie ordered the Holy Lychee. Jerk Margarita was also A1 if you like smoked drinks. The Holy Lychee tasted too watery for my taste.

The Food: The best dishes, in my opinion, were the Coconut Shrimp and Ghee Roasted Plantains. What made it a home run was how GOOD the sauces were. Granted, the shrimps were huge but the SAUCE!!! I wish I could swim in it. The plantains were also delicious BUT. THE. SAUCE. Wow. I'd go back just to have these two dishes and order twenty more of the sauces they came with.

Dessert: Not on the menu but the server recommended the Rum Cake. It was as good as you'd think it was!

Overall, what the restaurant lacks in decoration, makes up for it in the colorfulness and flavors of the dishes. Another great dish was the Yellowfish Tuna Tostones, which is why they keep popping up in Mamey's tagged feed.

I would definitely come back! This is a great date night spot, especially because they're only operating from 5-9 PM. Call and make a reservation, you'll get bonus points for your date.

*Every now and then I read the Thesis Hotel as The Sis Hotel

Mamey Restaurant

1350 S. Dixie Highway, Coral Gables, FL 33146


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