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Take a Walk on Calle 23: The Quarantine Restaurant Experience

Calle 23 will one day be blaring live music and overflowing with people dancing salsa on the sidewalk. But for now, due to the pandemic, it is still an amazing restaurant with incredible food where the drinks flow and you can tap your feet to Marc Anthony from the speakers.

While you have to wear a mask and there's no general dancing, that doesn't stop Calle 23 from being a great time on Miracle Mile. You've got the usual neon signs and salsa music blasting. And best of all: THE FOOD & DRINKS SLAAAAAAP

So let's break it down:

DRINKS: It's hard to decide which is the best drink because honestly, they were all delicious. If you like sweeter drinks: Coco Loco. If you like drinks where you can't taste the alcohol: La Callejera. If you like a drink that goes down smoothly: El Tiki Tiki.

APPETIZERS: You've got the classic Ham Croquetas which are rounder and softer than what you're usually used to, but still just as good. Between the Pumpkin Empanada and the Shrimp Empanada, I'd pick the latter. The dough is made in-house and, while it is delicious, pumpkin just doesn't do it for me in any dish. The Burrata is a great one to share with the table and is cold enough for this Miami heat to make you cool off and still dive into a ball of cheese. Finally, El Señor Chicharron was probably my least favorite from all the fat it had. My Mom, on the other hand, devoured it. Do with that information whatever you want.

BIGGER APPETIZERS: Calle 23 has the menu split into smaller and medium-sized plates, which I think are great to have for the table. Try a bit of everything and you don't have to stick with just one entree. We'll dive into the Pulpo A La Plancha which might've been my favorite dish just because it was so different; Who's ready for purple potato puree and spicy mayo? The Cuban Fried Rice was also incredibly different only because of its topping: a 63-degree egg. What's that? An egg that's cooked in its shell in a water bath. Amazing.

DESSERT: If you're into soft churros, this one's for you! I wished they were a little bit harder so it wouldn't break when I dipped it in the Dulce De Leche but they were still very yummy. The chocolate sauce is the kind you have in Spain but part of me wished it was Nutella. But this is my mood 24/7.

Just a heads up, here are their deals:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Happy Hour menu is available from 5 PM - Close

Wednesday: $5 Mojitos all-day long

Thursday: Ladies Night with free champagne for ladies starting at 8 PM.

Sunday: $19 bottomless mimosas and sangria + Happy Hour from 5-8 PM

Calle 23

230 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

(786) 325-3474

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