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Clean Machine: The Newest Car Wash in Miami

The rainy season in Miami has passed so it's time to get our car wash on - especially with the newest Clean Machine location in Cutler Bay!

Did you know that rain water is actually harmful to your car & its paint due to the acidity in rain? Go rinse off the nasty stuff already...

Clean Machine might be new to South Florida but they have been around since 2015, delivering various car wash experiences to cars all over the state.

"We have the best wash technology in the state," says Digital Marketing Coordinator, Safia Hatcher. "Since our first location in Naples, we are trying to show all of Florida the quality of what we're selling."

How is it better? Well personally, they had Santo Dulce Churros on-site for their grand opening! But besides that, everything is pristine and the products to use all made my car clean.

"It's a high performance type wash where we hit a 360 view of everything within your vehicle," says Hatcher. "We wanted to bring the company to the Cutler Bay area to showcase to a different region why our car wash is better than our competitors."

Their car wash technology features procedures such as a self-serving bug prep station, a pre-scrub area to get areas such as the tires and license plate, and the self-serving vacuum area that includes towels, windex, compressed air, and mat washers. If you're not sure which package to choose to clean your car, check out what they have to offer and how each feature is added to your car in the wash:

Not only is it more environmentally friendly to use The Clean Machine to wash your car, it's also the quickest. Go spend your Saturday & Sunday doing something else, the car is clean!

Click HERE for a free car wash!

Clean Machine Car Wash Cutler Bay: 21550 SW 112th Ave. Miami, Florida 33189

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