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COVID-19 Brunch Buffet at La Fontana Steakhouse has taken a lot of things away from us: Kobe Bryant, nightlife, our will to live another day, etc. But at least it hasn't taken away brunch (with a few added masks to it) over at La Fontana Steakhouse in Doral.

*With the new regulation, they are offering a Brunch Sampler for seven people, available for take-out or delivery.*

So for the rest of this post, assume we're in regular times.

Seeing La Fontana Steakhouse outside and inside are two very different experiences AKA don't underestimate it for being in a plaza. This restaurant is BEAUTIFUL. They've spaced out all the tables so no one is near each other and the bar and extra tables have been replaced by a buffet (which includes unlimited mimosas or sangria).

Although it's brunch, the BEST thing there was their Pasta Bar:

They do have extra dishes that are $7 extra but honestly, the buffet is plenty of food already. However, we still ordered the Steak & Egg and Chik N' Waffles. The latter made for great leftovers for those late-night munchies that hit after the food coma came and went.

Arguably the most fun part was that while they are playing upbeat music there is an electric violinist that plays so well, he closes his eyes and you feel the music as much as he does. He goes table by table and he's SO GOOD!!! Go follow Jesus Ayala for your own good.

As someone who has been very cautious with the virus, this is actually the first restaurant I sit and eat at. You're required to wear a mask at all times unless you're eating, which is great because no one can see your jaw drop as they're making your omelette. I got there at noon where we were the only ones there. By the time we left at 1:30 PM, there were people filing in or waiting for a table. Although everything is separated and incredibly sanitary, I'd suggest getting there earlier if you want to avoid even an inkling of a crowd.

While it's not the kind of rowdy brunch other places offer, I do recommend La Fontana Steakhouse for its AMAZING food. I'd say come bring your parents or a date for a fun Sunday that can get you tipsy, but at least no one is throwing up in the bathroom!

4285 NW 107th Ave Doral, Miami, FL 33178

(786) 409-4793

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