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Deep Dive into Deep Dish Pizza in Kendall

Miami may not have a stereotypical pizza yet, but at least it can still enjoy quality New York and Chicago slices right in the heart of Kendall. As one of the few restaurants in Miami that does offer Chicago’s deep-dish pizza, Manhatten Chicago Pizza Kendall goal is simple: provide some of America’s well-known slices in their classic forms.

“At first it was a challenge introducing the Chicago Deep Dish to this side of Miami because a lot of people didn’t know what it was,” said owner Rebecca Gonzalez. “A lot of people would order it for take-out and wouldn’t understand what it was.”

They don’t precut the pizza and they add the sauce on the side so the pizza doesn’t get watered down in the delivery. Imagine someone’s surprise seeing a thick circle of cheese without any sauce or slices!

And yet, a lot of people loved how different it was from your usual slice of pizza. Two years after introducing the deep dish pizza to their menu, and people are still ordering it, already knowing the sauce comes on the side.

In fact, their sauce is what makes people keep coming back, regardless if you order a deep-dish pizza or a typical New York slice. Everything is made in-house, even the dough, and nothing comes from a can. In her opinion, the sauce is so good because it doesn’t taste as acid as tomato sauce.

The idea to start a pizza place in Kendall that features both New York and Chicago pizza began while she owned a small pizzeria in Hialeah. Six years ago, Rebecca and her business partner went to visit friends in Chicago. After having a bite of their typical deep dish pizza, those same friends would ship frozen pizzas to Rebecca. Eventually, she figured out how to make it here and so, Manhattan Chicago Pizza Kendall was born five years ago.

Since then, locals have been outspoken that their original deep-dish is in fact, the best one. The bread isn’t even what makes the pizza thick, it’s the cheese. Take a moment to think about that. Now stop drooling.

“It’s like a lasagna, but in pizza form,” she said. “Instead of pasta, it’s all just cheese.”

Their deep dish pizzas go through the oven three times, to ensure it’s completely cooked through since there is so much cheese in it. It takes about 20-25 minutes to make, so don’t order it if you’re in a rush.

When it’s finally out of the oven and taken to your table, you’re going to want to take a video of that first cheese pull.

Manhatten Chicago Pizza Kendall really is no gimmicks or tricks, just really great pizza.

During the COVID-19 crisis, they are currently taking orders for pick-up and/or delivery. #SupportLocal

(305) 595-5885

10481 SW 88th St D-100, Miami, FL 33176

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