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Not Worth the Cheese: Divieto Ristorante

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Let me make this short and sweet: Divieto Ristorante is not worth it. With other places in Miami that offer the whole pasta-in-cheese-wheel spectacle, pick any other.

Here’s why Divieto Ristorante isn’t worth your time:

1. It was so cold that even the bread wasn’t warm for more than 5 seconds the second we got it.

2. The oil and vinegar for the bread wasn’t even that great – it was too heavy and the bread, besides being cold, was hard to chew.

3. Half of our table ordered the Ruota Di Parmigiano, the cheese wheel tableside experience where they put the pasta in and it’s supposed to get extra cheesy. While it was 100% beautiful to witness, tasting it was a different story. It was fine until the leftover cream from the cheese wheel was added to our plate that ruined the whole dish. It was a strange combination of too sweet and repugnant because it didn’t taste good.

4. I ordered the pizza Bianca and it had SO. MUCH. oil and grease that I had to keep wiping my fingers in a way that normal pizza wouldn’t do to me. Normal pizza isn’t that whack. It was probably still better than the pasta but still annoying that the pizza kept actually slipping from how much oil.

Go spend your money elsewhere. That is all.

10650 NW 41st St, Doral, FL 33178


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