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Sport's Paradise, Foodie's Heaven, Partier's Dream

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

There are few places in Miami as versatile as Fado’s Irish Pub in Brickell, Miami. Go during the day if you want to watch a game or have a casual meal or go at night when the floor lights up, the music is blaring, and a few drinks are dropped here and there. Welcome to Fado’s.


To prepare for the World Cup in Russia coming up, you might want to start drinking now.

Even before you walk in, Fado’s outdoor patio already shows sports lovers that they are home. There’s banners everywhere and even better, a TV anywhere you look. Once inside, there’s even a rack of soccer scarves and, during the day, there is already a game going on. Sit at a high top, order a beer, and enjoy your game.


Think of it as a half-ass Mickey Mouse, only yummier.

The happy hour at Fado’s isn’t all-inclusive in its food options, but what they have is surprisingly delicious. For $6 pick from the Harp Battered Fish Tacos, Big Soft Pretzel, the Smoked Salmon Bites, and/or the Skillet Chips; side note, ordering the Skillet Chips without bacon for some reason turns it into French fries with some cheese on it instead of the potato wedges.

Try not to think about your diet too much when you’re eating the Skillet Chips.


Those of us avid Bar-Crawlers are well-aware that Fado’s usually has the best music, is almost always packed, and hard to get in (so those of you underage children, stay home). Bits of the floor lights up to help you get in the party mood. The place is surprisingly huge so if there’s too many people at the first bar, follow the set of mini-stairs on the right-hand side and go to the bar on the second floor. It’s also where the bathroom is – so consider it easy access for everything.

However, if you’re on going to Fado’s on a Saturday night and there’s a sports game on, don’t expect there to be any life or music until around midnight or later. Sports > everything else at Fado’s.

900 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130


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