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Italian Organic Goodness in Miami: Flora Foods, Orvino Wines

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Let's begin by saying: I'm not a good cook. But I know good food when I taste it and good wine when I drink it.

Flora Foods and Orvino Wines make a pretty great pairing together - and since it's sold at Publix, Winn-Dixie, Walmart, and El President Supermarket (yes, you read that correctly), it's easy to get your hands on.

Flora Foods offers Italian organic food that's a family-run business that found its roots in Italy and brought them to South Florida. In fact, the founder, John Flora, first opened a pizza parlor on Flagler back in 1972.

In the same Italian vein, Orvino Wines specializes in labels that come from all regions of Italy. Put it all together and you've got an Italian night all in your kitchen.

Out of everything that came in the box, let me break down the best of it:

  • The wines: Okay yes, I love every wine I drink but these two were special! The Villa San Giovanni Pinot Grigio was incredibly smooth and easy to drink. Great for a light meal or to watch The Bachelor (if that's what you're doing, call me). The Villa San Giovanni Merlot was dry, but the good kind. The kind that makes you feel all tingly inside, but it just might be the fermented grapes.

  • Bruschetta Artichoke Tapenade: This one really surprised me! It was SO GOOD! I had to stop myself before I ate all of it with the Italian Toast. If you think it looks gross, think again. It was beyond incredible, I was happily surprised. I now know what to bring to the next wine night.

  • The Italian Toast: If you say "I'm on a no-carbs diet" it's because you haven't tried this toast. It's perfectly crunchy without being too burnt and eat away, it's only 40 calories per slice. Now if you eat the whole box, I'm not stopping you. It also comes in individual packages so you can take it to lunch and enjoy!

  • Ameretti Soft Pistachio: Out of all the cookies, this was the flavor I was most excited about. C'mon it's pistachio cookies! (Feels like getting pistachios alone costs my whole paycheck, so I like it when my food has pistachios in it.) These little babies are soft and sweet, but not in the way that it feels overwhelming. I also just enjoyed that they were not your regular flavor of cookies, so excuse me while I eat the whole box.

If going to the supermarket to indulge in all this goodness isn't for you, alas: The Internet. Check out their website or Amazon for how to have a really great Italian night! If you want recipes (sorry I'm not that great of a cook), they have plenty of ways to use all this goodness.

Promise you, get those pistachio cookies. And then call me.

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