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New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep for 2021

This year was shitty, no news there. We're looking forward to 2021 and whatever good may happen there... and to when we can use the "I survived a pandemic" story against our kids one day.

I was thinking about past resolutions I've made and actually kept because they weren't the "lose weight" resolution. Sometime in college, I decided that my resolution was going to be to dress better so I started caring more about what I wore to work and class and whatnot. In 2018 I said I'd pray more often, both in the morning and before bed. In 2019 I said I would only drink two nights a week; this one is oddly specific but at the job I had at the time, we'd be drinking almost every day both during and after work in the name of networking. In 2020 I said I'd take care of myself more, which has translated into making time for working out and meditating.

Here are a few resolutions you can actually keep up with throughout the year:

  • Prioritizing having your hair and nails done

  • Growing out a beard and maintaining it

  • Meditating for five minutes every day

  • Actually using the workout clothes you bought by working out at least 3 times a week

  • Checking in on your friends more often

  • Once a month, watch a movie or TV show you normally wouldn't. This could be in terms of genre or even language!

  • Finish a book once a month

  • Putting your phone away during dinner

  • When you purchase clothes, get rid of one from your closet

  • On Sundays, make sure your room is picked up and clean for the week ahead

  • Actually that agenda you bought

  • Dye your hair pink or blue already dammit

  • Take the water bottles out from your car more often (maybe coincide this one with the Sunday-pick-up-your-room one)

  • Pay more attention to politics & current events around the globe, not just in America

  • Make multi-tasking less of a habit so you're more present in what you're doing

  • Take more pictures with the ones you love so you have something to post for their birthday

  • Get a hobby in something you never thought you could (I didn't plan this one, but stocks and investing became mine in 2020!)

  • Buy yourself more flowers and candles and actually use them

  • Text them first without playing games

  • Drink more water a day - whether you carry around an obnoxious water gallon is on you

  • Transfer your photo albums to digital ones

  • Stop eating at your desk or computer during lunch

  • Make your bed every morning

  • Plan more picnics and outdoor activities

For 2021, I'm going to be kinder to myself aka stop calling myself a dumb bitch. :)

We've been stuck inside for so long, and while we don't know when that will officially end, I want my 2021 to be about personally thriving, both internally and externally. So cheers to that!

Have any resolutions of your own? Let me know below!

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