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Tapping into Tapout Fitness

While Tapout Fitness has already made a home in Pembroke Pines and Coral Gables, it's making a third one in Downtown Miami, right by the Adrienne Arsht Center. And let me tell you, it's a really fun time.

For background on my experience with working out, I actually haven't worked out in a gym in about two years. Due to my schedule (and the fact that I'm a workaholic, trying to control that), I have enjoyed working out at home with my morning runs and sessions after with Daily Burn or Chloe Ting.

I first visited the Coral Gables location and to make a long story short, it really kicked my ass. I did their Tapout Sweat class at 7:15 pm, which is the equivalent to HIIT. Their classes fuse in Martial Arts, which was fun to experiment with! The trainer was really nice, everything was incredibly clean, and everyone was socially distant.

Going to an actual class was great because it kept me pushing myself and be on-time. I'm more likely to go slower at home to concentrate on form. At Tapout, it felt like I was doing squats for my life. I'm also aware that my push-ups SUCK so doing them in public also felt like a good form of humiliation; even worse knowing that I had to record it and post it.

HOWEVER. Since HIIT can be so cardio-intensive at times... I never again want to work out with a mask on.

And so, I went to the Downtown location a week later. :)

This location is PRIME for photos thanks to their neon sign. I did their Tapout Strike which was more of a boxing class. Unlike Coral Gables, they leave their blue lights on so it's relatively dark (great for me because my form is 0/10). Like Coral Gables, the place was spotless.

I think between the two I liked the Tapout Strike class more simply because it was new to me. I do wish the trainer had helped me more with my form because my legs and my arms were not coordinated in the slightest. However, I was still proud that I was actually moving the punching bag. These lil arms DO have power!

Overall, it's a great experience, especially because I hadn't been in a gym environment in such a long time. I do wish there was one closer to the Kendall area but considering how many clients there were each night that I went, it's obviously very popular. And for good reason.

Plus, the trainer at one point put on Bad Bunny, so it's an automatic win in my book!

Tapout Fitness Coral Gables: 475 Biltmore Way #106, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Tapout Fitness Downtown: 1334 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132

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