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Coolest Concoction in South Miami

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

What has taken Central Florida by storm has finally made its way down south - now let's just hope it doesn't melt in the Miami heat.

South Miami has become Jeremiah's Italian Ice newest home as it tries to bring Gelati, a mixture of Italian ice and soft serve, to Dade-County. Although it only launched on Feb. 7, 2018, you might have already seen it on your friend's Snapchat or Instagram stories. The ice cream shop prides itself on colorful creations worthy of your social media audience.

Here are a few things to know before you go:

Location: South Miami

Tucked away in a South Miami plaza, Jeremiah's Ice is no traditional ice cream parlor. Instead of a traditional sit-down parlor, simply order from the walk-up counter and go crazy asking for samples of flavors. If you love a place that's loyal to its roots, the first Jeremiah's also had a walk-up counter and each location after that has remained the same.

The Sweet Staff

For those of you who claim Miami is the meanest city in the world, you're in for more than a cold treat.

The staff is beyond welcoming - they're as friendly as the lady who gives you your cafecito in the morning and calls you mi amor. Yes, I went there.

Fiery Flavors

If you're here to try a crazy flavor you've never had before, try their "Sweat Heat Gelati." The crushed cinnamon candy and cinnamon Italian ice make it taste like the Big Red Gum, which might be hit or miss if you've got a taste aversion to the spice.

Give Some Love to Your Pup

Can't leave your best friend at home? No worries! Bring them along and ask for a free Pup Cup and your dog will also get ice cream. Pick from the P-Nutty Italian ice or a classic vanilla soft serve so you're not the only one satisfying their sweet tooth.

Community Service Warriors

With the recent tragedy at Stoneman Douglas, and one of their locations nearby the school, Jeremiah's Ice organized a fundraiser on Feb. 28, 2018, where 100% of the sales of their Coral Springs location went to the Broward Education Foundation. Although it was a "busy and hectic day," said Devin Schneider, Director of Brand Development, "we just felt honored to be a part of it."

If You Don't Know, Now You Know

I know you've never heard of this place (unless you've got a friend or two that goes to UCF), so Jeremiah's Ice is actively working to "get the product in the hands of the community," Schneider. The ice cream parlor has been actively working with youth groups, churches, local schools, the University of Miami, and the Chamber of Commerce so everyone in Miami can get a taste of what will be the newest ice cream craze.

Bring your puppy, best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, mom, and your cousin down to Jeremiah's Ice while it's still making its mark as a go-to ice cream spot in Miami. Don't be surprised if more start showing up...

6220 S Dixie Hwy, South Miami, FL 33143


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