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K Pizza: A Dough-taly Incredible Slice

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Some people like to eat pizza but Massimiliano Saieva like to teach how to make it and above all, share it.

Born in Sicily, Italy and raised in Rome, Massimiliano specializes in Roman pizza. To the newbie's eye, it looks like a square piece of pizza that's cut with scissors. To him, it's days-worth of work that is just now making its mark in Miami. However, the rest of the world knows him as the go-to expert.

"For me, teaching [how to make pizza] means to give everything to the people who are coming to me," he said.

He has taught big chains such as Walmart, Costco, and Hilton Hotels how to make quality pizza. He has traveled to Italy, New York, Chicago, and other cities to show others how to make pizza. One of his biggest accomplishments was teaching a Las Vegas convention center how to make Roman pizza. Over 600 people got to watch Massimiliano do what he does best.

"Imagine you, speaking Italian in front of 600 people, making pizza," he said. "That's my job."

He is such a good teacher that many come to him to learn how to make pizza to open up their own restaurant. Ever heard of the U.S. Pizza Team? They can thank Massimiliano for their skills.

One visit to K Pizza and you'll have to come back again because you won't always get the same slice every time. The toppings always change but one thing is always consistent: the dough. His Pizza Alla Palla dough ferments for a whole six days before consummation. Try having that much patience for good pizza.

His goal is to make the lightest pizza in the world. His Pizza Alla Pala does just that. The flour is directly from Rome and has 16% protein, a rarity in the States.

Left to right: Proscuitto and Burrata, Mushroom with Truffle Oil, Burrata with Pistachio Cream

On top of everything, you won't ever see regular Pizza Cutter Wheel instrument in their kitchen. Only scissors specially made for Roman pizza.

"The scissors give the fermentation more respect," he said.

And so, respect the pizza we will.

8434 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL, 33143

(305) 381-6025

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