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A Kendall Cheat Cheat

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Consider Kendall Smoothie Bar an Herbalife cheat-cheat. You can get your workout smoothie before and/or after going to the gym that’s made with Herbalife products without having to give into the whole program.

It’s a blessing for those who want to either try Herbalife before buying it or just want great protein smoothies for your day.

Located in Kendall, you’ll never know it’s a smoothie place from the outside. All it says is the word “life” with stock imagery of people working out. While a little sketchy, it makes sense - the space has catered towards people who want to live the Herbalife life for the past eight years, but the owners have opened up the area to also serve protein smoothies to anyone who wants.

Here’s their menu:

  • Shake - $5

  • Smoothie - $6

  • Tea - $3

  • Powertea - $4

Their most popular smoothie flavors are the Snickers (peanut butter and chocolate) and Ice Cream Cake (really just cookies n’ cream). They have a limited amount of smoothies, but also just enough variety to satisfy your sweet tooth or any other craving you might have.

Because it sounded so weird, I tried the Hawaiian Coquito. The name’s misleading because it’s piña colada with white chocolate, however it was good.

If you do buy a smoothie or tea, you get to go to their Zumba class for free and get inspired by other members also just trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Keep in mind, it does have a gym-health-fit vibe so it’s not really somewhere where you’ll take a date to (unless your date was a workout session, then by all means #TreatYoSelf).

It’s a great way to finish your gym session in Kendall and hop on over to get a smoothie!

13724 SW 88th St., Miami, Fl

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