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What's Better Than Una Colada

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

There’s nothing better than croquetas with some café con leche and a pastelito de carne. Aruge with me all you want, Latino bakeries RUN Miami.

La Juguera Tropical is one of Miami’s oldest gem as it not only has food to go for your morning commute, but you can even do your groceries here. Pick up fruit, Cuban bread, and a batido de mamey to start your day off right.

Credit: @lajugueratropical

A sure sign of respect in Miami is to arrive somewhere with a dozen croquetas and the little cups of heaven to share your colada.

As almost all Latino bakeries are, expect quick service and really great food. You won’t feel bad for taking the bill because it won’t be more than $20 anyway. If you don’t speak Spanish, the people who work there will do their best to try to help you, but here’s what you should know anyway.

Colada: Really potent Cuban coffee. You might think you can drink it all by yourself, but you’ll be given a few little cups that look like shot glasses. This is what you’ll use so everyone likes you – pour your coffee and share. Trust me, you can’t drink it all by yourself unless you want to actually jump off the walls.

Croqueta: This is a weird one to explain. By definition, it’s “a small ball or roll of minced meat or fish, fried in breadcrumbs.” But think of it as this brown, fried, cylinder-looking food with chicken or ham inside. It may look small, but you’ll have about 100 of them.

Cortadito: Small coffee with a little bit of milk. It’s also really potent, so don’t be fooled.

Pan con tortilla/revoltillo: Cuban bread with some version of scrambled eggs and ham inside. Not sure why, it just tastes better.

Pastelitos: Cuban pastries that are filled with cream cheese, guava and cheese, just guava, coconut, or meat. Trust, they’re heaven.

10140 SW 56th St, Miami, FL 33165

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