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Magic City Perks Becomes New Kendall Coffee Hot Spot

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In a city where it seems that everyone is trying to one up each other, Magic City Perks gets it right by just being different. No need to make crazy coffee concoction where the whip cream also has a QR code and there’s 40 different types of chocolate infused in your cup.

It’s simply European coffee that’s so good, you won’t even need sugar.

Recently opened about two months ago in the depths of Kendall, owner Anna Montero noticed there weren’t any coffee shops around.

“Miami is saturated with Cuban bakeries and Cuban coffee and coming from Poland, I wanted to bring a European vibe here,” Montero said. Instead of pastelitos and cortaditos, customers will find French baguettes, croissants, and quiches at Magic City Perks. It is her way of bringing her homeland to Kendall.

Montero first came to the United States from Poland for a hospitality internship in Vero Beach. Her frequent trips throughout South Florida made her decide to quit her job and move to Miami. Four years later she met her husband and now they have two babies: Sofia and Magic City Perks.

“We built this beautiful coffee shop together,” Montero smiles. Inspired by the show “Friends,” she wanted to emphasize that Magic City Perks is also a place to hang out, study, and relax, much like the group on television.

At the moment, construction of a new plaza, surrounding homes, and a new exit on the Palmetto Expressway might make it difficult to find the coffee shop. And yet, Montero and her husband are starting to recognize the same customers that come day after day. They continue to come back for the gourmet coffee and to say hi to baby Sofia.

While they are still growing their menu, they already have a few signature drinks solidified:

White Chocolate Rose: As it sounds like, including rose in this white chocolate mix of coffee adds a touch of sweetness that isn’t repugnant, and won’t make you add more sugar.

White Chocolate Raspberry: For those looking for a richer and creamier kind of taste.

White Chocolate + Dark Chocolate + Vanilla: Exactly what it sounds like, good for any chocolate lover.

Although there is no kitchen, there is an emphasis on shopping for local products.

Montero uses Great Circle Coffee, a local coffee supplier that brings her single origin coffee from countries like Ecuador, Colombia, and Ethiopia. There are also gluten-free and vegan cookies made from Pamela Wasabi for customers looking for something other than a croissant.

While they continue to grow and make their impact in the community, it is easy to come in, feel comfortable and enjoy a great cup of coffee - even if you don’t drink it often.

“What can I say, I know good coffee,” Montero laughs.

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