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Monty's VS. Monty's

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Look up ‘Monty’s’ in your GPS and voila! Two show up – but which do you pick? The elusive Miami Beach location or the home-y Coconut Grove place. Here are the pros and cons of which Monty’s to choose from.

Monty’s Sunset – Miami Beach

The Monty's All American Burger is really incredible - but heads up, the fries are extra $.

For a place on Alton Road, a major street on Miami Beach, Monty’s Sunset is a humble abode. There’s ample space to walk around to drink around the bar, but don’t fall into the pool in the middle of the whole place. If you’re coming to Monty’s to simply eat the renown seafood, Monty’s Sunset has more separation of restaurant and bar so you can pick and choose what you want to do. Stay outside if you want to drink, eat, and listen to the live music. Extra points for people watching the characters that get up and dance along.

300 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, Florida


Monty’s Raw Bar – Coconut Grove

The $5 Margaritas and Mojitos are a steal, but don't forget to drink water in-between drinks.

Monty’s Raw Bar in Coconut Grove used to be the move for the perfect Friday afternoon for every college student – until they changed management and got incredibly strict; everyone will get their ID checked at the door and those over 21 will receive a wristband. Now, Monty’s Raw Bar is still great for its Happy Hour and food, but not necessarily for its liveliness. No more crowds of people or fighting to get a spot at the bar. It’s definitely much larger than the spot in Miami Beach, but the live music isn’t as great. After a certain time, they do play regular music, but no one really dances – even though Raw Bar has more of a dance floor than Sunset. Pick your poison.

2550 S Bayshore Dr., Miami, FL 33133


What they both have in common

· Parking: Surprisingly, Monty’s in both locations has ample parking. Sometimes, even free; the Coconut Grove location is hit or miss about who’s checking your ticket at the end. Don’t feel bad if you drive away without paying anything.

· Happy Hour: The Happy Hour is reliably from 4-8 p.m., Monday – Friday. It’s not on the menu but order a Mongolian Motherf*cker. Promise, it’s worth it.

· #Views: Locals and tourists alike will never get tired of Miami’s breathtaking sunsets. Luckily at both Monty’s, the waterfront views are the perfect place to see every single sunset – all with a margarita in your hand.

· Brick of Fries – Screw your diet, order a whole rectangle of fries.

· Double Fisting – Neither Monty’s will let you try to take advantage of Happy Hour and order more than one drink at a time. C’mon, we’re just trying to drink before 8 p.m. strikes.

Been to both? Have a favorite? Comment below!

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