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Let's Taco-bout Pilo's Tacos

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Brickell’s known to be expensive, but #TacoTuesdays at Pilo’s Street Tacos won’t break your bank. For the salsa music playing, the hole-in-the-wall feel, and the mouth-watering tacos, Pilo’s has to be your next destination for the next time you want authentic Mexican food.

It’s easy to spot the place from a mile away. They’ve got lights on the border of its outside patio and amongst all the apartment buildings and the structures holding up the Metromover, Pilo’s Street Tacos welcomes all taco enthusiasts.

On the left: El Miguelito, on the right: El Pescadito

For only $4, you get two tacos and since I don’t skimp on lunch, I only spent $8 on the best tacos I’ve ever had in Miami.

The special for #TacoTuesday was El Miguelito, a skirt steak taco, and El Pescadito, fish taco with fresh Mahi Mahi. I’m not much of a fish person and El Pescadito was the better option of the two.

What’s probably the most special from these tacos is the tortilla. It’ll quell any argument between hard and soft tacos because it’s a weird combination of the two. It’s soft enough that it won’t make a crunch but hard enough that it doesn’t get soggy or fall apart.

Honestly, it was an experience.

The staff is incredibly nice, and don’t worry – they all speak English and Spanish. The food is quickly prepared, delicious, and will surprisingly fill you up before you know it. The atmosphere is unapologetically Mexican and incredibly kind in the way Hispanic grandmothers know how to.

A trip here is a must-do if you’re looking for a cheap way to get your #TacoTuesday fill in. There’s beer available on tap too, if you need that midday pick me up. Get off the Brickell stop on the Metrorail and walk 4 minutes to the best meal you’ll have on a Tuesday.

28 SW 11th St, Miami, FL 33130


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