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Quarantine Adventures at the Museum of Illusions

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

First, they were in Los Angeles and San Francisco... now the Museum of Illusions is here in Miami and even with your mask on, it's still quite the experience.

The Museum is probably the only museum where photographing is encouraged. In fact, it's the main attraction! There are murals on every inch of the place and you have one job: pose. There are photos at the entrance of each area so you can get an idea of how to pose (although a lot of them you can have fun with it on your own).

Here are a few things I recommend if you're going to go:

  1. Don't go alone: A lot of the pictures are great with two people in it and you also need a second person to tell you where to pose and what looks good and what doesn't.

  2. Take your tripod: They have them for sale for $10 but I definitely recommend you take your own if you can. While you and your +1 can switch on and off of who's taking the picture, it's cool to also just let the camera do its thing and you have fun with your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, Mom, whoever.

  3. This both is and isn't a first date kind of adventure: My first instinct is to say don't go here on a first date only because of the pictures! Imagine you take all these dope photos only to realize a month later they never texted you back. But I also want to say this would be fun as a first date because it really makes you let loose. You get creative and laugh a lot at how ridiculous you probably look. If you're coming here with someone, at least make sure it's someone your friends know about (and I mean know their name, not the nickname you've given them).

  4. It might get a little hot inside, wear appropriate clothing: Besides your mask, you might sweat a bit from pretending to fall off a balcony or jumping to get a perfect shot or sitting/laying on the floor. Bring clothes you don't care about dirtying and won't make you sweat a lot.

  5. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to go through it all: There are two floors worth of art and it could take you a while to take all your photos. That being said, it's also not somewhere that you'll be for like five hours.

The Museum of Illusions is also right on Lincoln Road so it's great to get dinner/drinks after and keep the night going.

Quarantine note: Everything was very clean, we all wore our masks and they control how many people can go through the different rooms/passages. I was never near anyone and it was great. Also, the guy in charge of the music was playing straight Bad Bunny, which meant some of my photos were caught mid-dance.

536 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139


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