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Rok You Like a Hurricane

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Come hungry and ready to eat because for only $10, you’re going to need to break up this burger you just ordered. Welcome to Rok Brgr.

Since Miami’s weather hasn’t become unbearable yet, it’s nice to sit at the outdoor patio, have a beer, and order one of the many award-winning burgers this place has. Seriously, they’re so tall you need to cut the burger up to attempt to take a bite.

Don’t be basic and order a cheeseburger when you have colossal burgers like El Diablo.

The staff at Rok Brgr is incredibly nice so don’t worry about having shitty service. Even the music is great there. Never been, but I only hear amazing things about the Sunday brunch – so what are you waiting for?

I ordered the South Florida, which my waitress Lauren told me was a bit more on the sweet side. Almost got the Farmhouse for the egg, but I’ll order that next time.

This burger was massive and overwhelmingly amazing. Seriously thought I’d have leftovers for lunch the next day and next thing you know, my plate’s empty. Dang.

As the waitress had promised, the burger is sweet but not too sweet that you can’t handle it anymore. The Manchego cheese adds a nice flavor to it while you hear the crunch from the potato strings. It might get a little messy because of the sauces all over, just make sure you’re with someone who won’t judge – just join you.

The only downfall was that the smokehouse bbq sauce really sucked. I’ll put barbeque on anything I eat and I didn’t even like this one for my fries. So order it on the side and don’t touch it.

Rok Brgr is big enough to bring a party of 20 and yet intimate enough to spend the next two hours catching up with a good friend. Since South Miami is easily walk-able, head over to Casa Cuba for some cafecito after to calm yourself after all the red meat you just ate.

But don’t worry, zero ragrets.

5800 SW 73rd St, South Miami FL 33143


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