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Margaritas, Mojitos, & Madness

For a place that’s genuinely versatile, a great time, and utterly Miami, go visit Tarpon Bend. Just depends, which day you want to go.

Wednesdays: $5 Margaritas and $5 Tarpon Burgers with Fries

Tarpon Bend burgers margaritas wednesday

Their margaritas are pretty great – I’ve tried them all and would recommend you enjoy each and every one of them! While you can always go original, they have unique flavors like the watermelon jalapeño margarita. Wednesday’s are great for work lunches or even a date night that won’t completely destroy your wallet.

Thursdays: $5 Mojitos All Day Long

mojitos drinks tarpon bend

Like the margaritas, Tarpon Bend’s mojitos are also legendary. It’s also all day long so come after work or just for a bit of a happy hour and try flavors like the blackberry mojito. They’re cheap, compared to the rest of Miami, so don’t feel bad trying the different flavors until you find your match made in heaven.

Fridays: 2 for 1 Happy Hour

Otherwise known as, a hot mess. Happy hour on Fridays at Tarpon Bend can be really fun but also incredibly overwhelming. Because the special doesn’t end until midnight, it’ll start getting really packed around 10 p.m. – and it’ll never end. You’ll see the people outside of Tarpon Bend like about a block away from how crowded it is. Lately, they’ve improved their music game but this isn’t a place to start dancing (although you can, you just might get shoved a bit).

Stick to the bar to keep using your chips – when you buy one drink, you get a chip for your second free one. While Wednesdays and Thursdays are $5 drinks, Friday it tends to be about $10 but you’re also getting two for one. So technically it’s $5 drinks. Luckily, you don’t have to use the chips all in one day so leave it at the bottom of your purse and use it next Friday.

Saturday & Sunday: Brunch, Happy Hour & Live Music

Never been on a weekend but there’s drinks and music – want any more information?

So why is Tarpon Bend the move?

· It’s really a place to find everyone of all ages, so there’s no need to feel like there’s an older crowd or a younger crowd.

· The music also caters to all genres so you’ll be dancing to Drake one second and Earth, Wind, and Fire the next.

· Artwork around the place is really interesting and brings the fishing side of Miami into a bar. On one of the walls, there’s even a list of names and the size of the fish people have caught. Not sure how one can get up there but…

· If you want to watch sports, they also have televisions around the bar area so while your friend is dancing and drinking, you can watch The World Cup or Lebron with the Lakers.

65 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

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