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Is The Wharf Worth It?

If there is one thing that is true of Miamians, it’s that they take their weekends seriously.

Whether they start on Thursdays and end at midnight on Sunday, there is one place that caters towards every kind of person. You know this place, since it is featured at least 10 times on your social media all weekend long.

Repost: @wharfmiami

What once was an abandoned lot is now known as The Wharf: the place that took off overnight. Since its opening on November 10, 2017, its popularity continues to rise.

But, is going all the way to The Wharf worth it?

I first heard about The Wharf in a, “you have to get there NOW” kind of way. I was told as a ‘matter-of-fact,’ that it was only temporary and everyone who is everyone is trying to see what it’s all about. Not sure why that rumor started because The Wharf is here to stay for another two years and with the way it has flourished, I doubt it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

The 30,000 square foot area has the capability to cater to all kinds of people. Whether you’re finishing up a work day, craving happy hour ($3 wine, $1 beer), enjoying your Sunday with the kids or having a bite, The Wharf has the space and options to give you all sorts of experiences. Even getting there offers a few options.

You can be as extra as the city of Miami and park your yacht instead of taking the plebeian’s way of driving there.

If you are going to The Wharf, since it is one of the top things to do in Miami right now, here are a few warnings before you go:

1. If you are going for #HappyHour, take your pictures by the water with the sun still out. The whole place has great spots to take pictures, even if some of it is hidden. If you make a left from the entrance and look towards the wooden wall, they have a sign that says “Knot Working” on the floor; it’s absolutely adorable, but a little hard to find.

2. The Wharf is a prime “I live where you vacation” spot. Take zero shame in posting however many times you want.

3. The music is hit or miss. Do not come to The Wharf if you are trying to get a dance-club vibe. Some nights, they will play Spanish music and others it’s music from the eighties. If you go out for the sole reason to get a dance session in, have a back-up plan ready just in case.

4. You might want to eat beforehand, unless you don’t mind spending $13+ dollars on a pizza.

Repost: @wharfmiami

5. Their rules of letting underage people in are a little vague. Although they say that anyone under 21+ can enter with an adult, it really is up to the bouncer and how they’re feeling that day. Again, have a back-up plan.

6. Dogs are welcome so get ready for your heart to melt. More than a few times.

7. You are going to see anyone and everyone here ranging from people from your middle school to possibly all of your exes. Get ready.

8. Order a "Green Tea Shot." Promise you, it's actually amazing.

All in all, The Wharf is a hot-spot in Miami at the moment and worth the trip to go. It’s a good place to start your night but keep in mind where else you’re going afterwards. Either way, you have to go at least once to be able to say, “I went to The Wharf last weekend.”

114 SW North River Dr, Miami, FL 33130


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