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Why Quarantine Is GREAT For Dating

Your dating-guru-who-knows-nothing is back again for some wisdom. In the past, I've shared my dating stories and those who know me, know that I'm a huge proponent for online dating. Whether you love it or hate it, you can't deny that it's made a giant impact on how we date and interact nowadays.

So combine quarantine + online dating = you've got your own Love Is Blind project!

If you're single (or not, you do you), either revive that old Bumble account or make a new one. Here are the top 5 reasons why quarantine is a great time for dating.

Get in losers, we're going swiping.

REASON #1: You don't actually have to see them.

Hear me out! It can happen when the other person matches with you at 1:05 PM and by 1:30 PM, they've already got your number, Instagram, Snapchat, and already made plans with you TOMORROW; they first offered to do happy hour, to which you declined. While they can still get your number and social media handles during quarantine, you have the PERFECT excuse to never see them! "Sorry, quarantine..."

I know this sounds negative but there is a positive - it just depends what you're looking for. If you are swiping to have someone accidentally land on your d*ck, well you could have a new sexting buddy. Fantasize all you want, you probably won't be meeting them anytime soon. If you are looking for someone to date, this is a great way to actually get to know someone. You can text, share memes, even go on a FaceTime date, but without that in-person physical connection, you really are in a Love is Blind Pod trying to feel out your emotional connection with someone first.

REASON #2: You'll Know Where You Stand

Without seeing each other in person, there's no one-night stand to confuse the situation or drinks to make you think he really is that cute. Hear me out ladies & gentlemen: IF THEY WANT TO TALK TO YOU, THEY WILL!!!!!! We are all literally at home! Whether it's working out, binging Netflix, working, or making their 10th puzzle, they are on their phones!

If you match with someone online and he hasn't texted you back since he got his stimulus check... girl, keep swiping.


As a society, we have adapted to this quarantine situation with birthday drive-thrus and concerts on Instagram Live. The same goes for dating! Get creative with your risque ~photos~. Postmates your mans or your womans (idk) some dinner and a bottle of wine. Schedule a FaceTime date. Have game night over Zoom. Play ALL the games on Game Pigeon (iPhone users, hello). Use Netflix Party and watch trash TV. Really, the list can go on and on.

If Bad Bunny can go on a 4+ hour IG Live AND release an album during quarantine, they can answer your text.

REASON #4: Build Your Roster

Play your own version of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette and swipe away. See which person you have chemistry with, even if it's through text. I tend to text the way I speak in person, so texting to me is a real conversation. Hate texting? Call or FaceTime. Don't care for conversation? Send pictures and videos, whatever itches your scratch.

You won't be seeing any of these people anytime soon, so make the most of your Love Is Blind experiment and see who comes out victorious at the end. Or decide you hate everyone who virtually met through quarantine, that could happen too.

REASON #5: Growth!!!

Take this quarantine (or the last of it) to focus on what you want after all this alone time you've had. Are you ready to jump into someone's pants or someone's heart? Do you want to have a Sunday at Patio with your friends or with your person/fling/whatever.

My point is: PUT YOURSELF FIRST! If you were already doing that before quarantine, you're ahead of the game. If you're starting to, I'll take a shot in your honor.

Think I'm missing anything? This is arguably my favorite topic to talk about! Let me know below!

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