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Your New Food Obsession: Red

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Located on the corner of one of many strip malls on Bird Road, RED arguably has the best food in Miami. It does not look like much on the outside but trust me when I say, your taste buds will thank you for it.

In true Hispanic fashion, this place has loads of food to keep you full for the rest of the day. The greatest quality about RED is that while it’s all amazing food, it’s also pretty cheap. It’s a small place too, so don’t come expecting anything fancy.

This strip mall treasure is home to West Kendall-ites and it’s almost never empty.

I’ve even taken exes here and they’ve told me they’re coming here without me… so you’re welcome for that one.

It’s hard to pin-point what kind of food RED specializes in, because it has everything under the moon. From smoothies, to arepas, to wings, to burgers, RED has it all. Even the simplest of orders taste better here, I promise.

Take their Tropical Hot Dog which is not only a large wiener but it has a twist: they put pineapple sauce on their dogs to make it sweet and top it off with the thin potato sticks, or how Abuela calls it “los del pan con bistec.” You know the kind.

Another house favorite is their Churrasco. To say favorite is wholeheartedly, not the word for it. Personally, it took me forever to try other items on the menu because this is all I would order. Not only is the steak enormous but it comes with white rice, salad and French fries. Dose everything with RED’s pink sauce and you might cry from how good it is.

If you live nearby, you’re in luck. RED offers free delivery if you live between 117th Ave., and 162nd Ave., and 72nd St., to 8th St. If you don’t live nearby, get in your car and go already!

P.S. The front door is really heavy, but I promise it’s open.

13911 SW 42nd St., Miami, FL. 33175


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